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Argyle Democratizes Verifications

Lenders, mortgage underwriters, credit card issuers, property management companies, the government, and employers themselves verify their customers' income and employment. Almost all of it is done manually.

Have you been asked to undergo a background check? Or an employment verification? Perhaps verify your income or upload your paystubs? If you're like the team at Argyle these types of requests give us the creeps. Verifications like this produce a mix of emotions ranging from anxiety to confusion. You might feel something like this:
Perhaps these emotions come from the process itself. Most verification providers require long forms, take days to weeks to process, and are not transparent on their results. Verifications should not have these connotations. Getting a verification can be a badge of honor - a way to establish your brand and show your status.
Today Argyle changes the dark art of verifications. Today Argyle introduces Argyle Verify.
  • It's free. Anyone can generate a formatted Argyle VOIW (Verification Of Income & Work.) These VOIW's can contain multiple income sources and the data used comes directly from an employer or work platform.
  • It's consent driven. Instead of extracting a worker's SSN, Argyle allows workers to authenticate into their own employers and work platforms - this builds trust between workers and requesters.
  • It's frictionless. We have taken a process that normally takes days to weeks to complete, requires 20+ fields of manual inputs and normally pulls from data sources that are months old, and replaced it with an easy to use modern interface. Argyle Verify can produce a VOIW in under 5 minutes.
An Argyle Verify VOIW looks like this:
Argyle can produce a VOIW using data from the largest employers (brand names like Starbucks, CVS, Target, UPS, and Kroger), to those using modern payroll systems (from platforms like Gusto, Zenefits, and Rippling) and virtually any gig platform (from Uber, Postmates, Shipt, and DoorDash). We built Argyle Verify for the masses - not just for those with power and money.
If you're a worker you can use these VOIW's as part of your CV or a loan application. If you're a company you can use Argyle Verify to supplement or replace your current verification processes.
We built Argyle Verify to enable a new generation of innovation and to replace typical VoE and VoI processes. Please give it a spin yourself and provide us feedback.
About Argyle:
Argyle provides a, consumer-controlled, software gateway to employment records. From that access point, any business can process income & work verifications, gain real-time transparency into earnings as well as view and update worker profile details. By removing the barriers between a worker, the companies they make money from, and the business they buy services and products from, Argyle has reimagined how employment data can be used. Argyle was founded in 2018 and operates out of New York.

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