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March 2021 Product Update

Hi Reader,
Happy First day of March! Here's what's new over here at Argyle

Coverage Expansion

March product coverage
As always, Argyle is continuing to expand our coverage. You can now access employment records stored at Charter Communications, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, Kohl's, Visa, Whirpool, MyEPP, and 20 other companies.
The full list of coverage can be found here.

Pay Distribution MFA

March product MFA
We added support for multi-factor authentication to Argyle Link for the pay distribution flow. This was important functionality for Argyle link since some specific platforms require a user to re-authenticate when changing their pay distribution.

API Fields Whitepaper

March product whitepaper
We have created a document that presents all of the data points available through Argyle. A stripped-down version provides for a clearer overview of the available employment data. Please contact us for your copy.

Teaser: Console Improvements

March product console
The Argyle Console is getting a big overhaul with a fresh new look and additional features. We've released the new Console to a small batch of beta users and plan to make it available to everyone at some point in March....stay tuned! And get in touch if you'd like to join the beta!

Thoughts and Reflections

March product thoughts
If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know at [email protected]. Or if you'd like to be featured in a customer story like the ones above, please let us know that, as well!
Your Argyle team

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