Link 3.0
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Announcing Argyle Link 3.0

Our signature user interface just got a major upgrade

At Argyle, we’re constantly evolving to meet your needs head on and improve how end-users experience our solutions. Our latest product release, Link 3.0, achieves both, and we’re thrilled to announce it’s now available to all of our customers.

Looking for the full experience? Click here to check out this fancy video with sound!

What is Link?

Link is our signature UI element. It’s the front-end widget that all end-users see, whether it’s integrated via mobile or sent through a text message or email via the console. It allows users to share their employment data with our customers by way of a secure, encrypted connection to their payroll and employment account (or accounts). Link can either be integrated into our customers’ website or app or simply shared with users via email.

What’s new?

Our newest product update streamlines the Link user experience to promote even more conversions than before. And best of all, it affords our customers the chance to leverage its new features without having to invest in a system upgrade. With Link 3.0, customers and users alike will find:

New, stunning designs that make Link friendly and easy to use

Improvements include better loader bar, icon, and button displays; larger, more attractive fonts; customer brand presence from start to finish; and simpler, more direct user prompts.

Significantly improved search functionality

The updates have been optimized for efficiency, including better results sorting, fuzzy search capabilities, and category tabs for gig, employer, and payroll providers that make filtering results intuitive. In short, users can mistype their search keyword and still retrieve the results they were looking for.

Additional options to customize Link for a more white label experience

We’ve introduced new parameters that allow our customers to decide if certain elements should be displayed, including the back-to-search button and results categories. Customers can also personalize the messaging for their audience; change the screen title, screen subtitle, and search placeholder text; and swap in their logo.

More ability to control the user flow

Our newest iteration lets customers allow payroll documentation uploads, like paystubs and W2s, in case a user’s login credentials fail. And if a user already provided their employer name, deep linking is available.

New callback functions

Now, customers can subscribe to receive notifications when users make updates to their direct deposit allocations. This gives our customers the opportunity to alter their user flow in response, for a more personalized front-end experience. Learn more about how to configure callback functions in our docs.

Together, these updates remove friction for users, allowing them to move through Link faster and increasing the likelihood that they will successfully connect their payroll and employment records. (As part of our responsibility to users, they can also disconnect whenever they choose.) For Argyle customers, that translates to higher conversion rates and lower customer acquisition costs. Which is to say, there’s something in it for everyone.

Create an account in Argyle Console to preview Link 3.0 today, or if you’re already in production, migrate to the new version of Link by consulting our docs

And coming soon: Link 3.0 in dark mode, for less eye strain, prolonged battery life, and overall good looks.