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Sigita Galaunyte

Sigita Galaunyte


Announcing Argyle Link 4.0

An updated look and feel for a more integrated and delightful end user experience

At Argyle, we are always looking for ways to improve the end user experience and increase conversion rates for our customers. Our latest product release, Link 4.0, aims to do exactly that and is now live.

What’s new?

Link 4.0 is a design update aimed at enhancing Link’s look and feel for end users. Our aim with this redesign was to provide a more transparent and trustworthy experience for your users to successfully connect their accounts, decrease drop-off rates, and overall evolve the visual style to bring consistency across our products.

Updating to Link 4.0 will not impact any endpoints or data connection to Console for customers, it is exclusively a design and functionality update. If you are a web customer, this update will be applied automatically. Mobile SDKs customers can follow the Link Upgrade Guide for instructions to update to Link 4.0.

New customizable intro experience

The new intro screen experience provides a clean transition for users connecting with Argyle, including an improved call to action, and context on what the user is about to do. We added clear Argyle branding to the intro page so users will know that they are signing in with a third party that you have partnered with. This increases transparency, and conversion while complying with regulatory frameworks. 

Like everything in Link, this is just a template to customize. The look and feel of the Intro screen can be easily updated to match the branding in your own application, all within Link Customizer.

Modern, simple, and breathable Search screen layout

Earlier in 2022 we made measurable improvements to the search experience in Link, but we weren’t done. The Link 4.0 search bar has been redesigned and now includes a suggestions component that guides users on what they can search for. We also have launched a Popular category in search, where you will be able to promote your most popular Link items (configurable through Link Customizer).

Your users will be able to select Link items from the new Creator platform and Government benefits categories along with the existing Employer, Payroll, and Gig platform categories.

Improved login experience

Users logging in will have improved guidance on what information they should provide. The updated designs feature larger input fields and text to improve accessibility, while the restyled Connect button indicates that the user can only connect once they’ve entered their login details.

Simplified multi-factor authentication

Link 4.0 provides simplified multi-factor authentication (MFA) experience. With a one-time SMS passcode pre-fill and deep link to the email application installed on the user’s device, we are supporting users by making it easier to authenticate within Argyle (when the email verification option is configured).

Clearer error messaging

Error messaging in Link 4.0 are inline, providing feedback and real-time validation that helps your users know how to proceed. Messages appear on the same screen where the error occurred and new error message text provides further clarity on what went wrong. New error messages are precise and clearly indicate if a user should try again immediately, or if a service is down and they need to try again later.

How do I upgrade to Link 4.0?

If you are a web customer, this update will be applied automatically, log into Console to check out your enhanced customization options now. If you are a mobile SDKs customer, check out the Link Upgrade Guide for instructions to get started.

To learn more about implementing Link, check out our updated documentation.

If you have any questions about Link 4.0 or need support upgrading please don't hesitate to reach out to your Client Success Manager for assistance.