Justin Stolzenberg

Justin Stolzenberg


Announcing Argyle Verify: Employment Verifications Made Easy

Enabling a new generation of innovation and replacing outdated employment history verification processes

Have you been asked to undergo a background check? Or an employment verification? Perhaps verify your income or upload your paystubs? Verifications like this can produce a mix of emotions ranging from anxiety to confusion, and leave you vulnerable to your employer’s desire to cooperate and speed of execution.

The employment verification process is known for long forms, long wait times (sometimes weeks to process), and sometimes muddied results. 

When a lender, mortgage underwriter, credit card provider, property manager, or future employer asks to verify your work history and income it means you are in the process of making an important change in your life. This should be an exciting moment, not a tedious one.  

Today, Argyle is flipping the traditional model on its head and putting verified employment data into the hands of the employees who generated it. 

Introducing Argyle Verify: Online Employment Verification

The launch of Argyle Verify allows anyone to generate and obtain their own employment history verification report by transferring data directly from the source (your employer or work platform). 

Here’s what sets us apart from other employment verifiers: 

  • It's free - Workers can generate reports from multiple income sources and the data displayed comes directly from an employer or work platform.

  • It's consent-driven - Instead of extracting a worker's SSN or contacting an employer without permission, Argyle allows workers to authenticate and transfer data from their own employer and work platforms.

  • It's easy - We have taken a process that normally takes days to weeks to complete, requires 20+ fields of manual inputs, and normally pulls from data sources that are months old, and replaced it with an easy-to-use modern interface. Argyle Verify can produce a report in seconds.

How Argyle Verify works:

1. Go to Argyle.com/verify

2. Search for your employer, payroll provider, or gig platform and connect your account

3. Generate your report and send it directly to the party of your choosing

Argyle can produce employment verification for over 75% of US employees and contractors. We don’t store your data, and only act as a transfer agent: sending data directly from the source to the party that requests it, and only after you direct us to do so. 

We built Argyle Verify to enable a new generation of innovation and to replace typical income and employment verification processes. 

Please give it a spin yourself or share it with your colleagues.

Employers: Get in touch to learn how Argyle can help you outsource manual verification calls / emails and remain fully compliant in the verification process.