April 2023 Product Update
Tigran Askaryan

Tigran Askaryan


April 2023 Product Update

Your month in Argyle news, with a closer look at our platform-wide refresh, exciting upcoming events, and improvements to our coverage and API

April showered Argyle with productivity, and we have many new developments in motion. Most importantly, we’ve officially launched Argyle Link 5.0—part of our sweeping, system-wide revamp, which also includes upgrades to Argyle Console, our API, and Docs. We’ve also queued up our next live webinar, which will focus on evolving mortgage trends.

Read on to discover everything we have planned for the coming month, and get a closer look at how our platform has grown.

Upcoming webinar

Join us on Tuesday, May 16 at 12:00 p.m. for a live webinar and Q&A, and hear expert insights on the changing mortgage market and current best practices, so you can get (and stay) ahead of fluctuating interest rates. You’ll hear from:

  • Andy Woodman, SVP of Mortgage Lending & Loan Trading, Georgia United Credit Union

  • John Harpst, VP Mortgage Strategy, Lake Michigan Credit Union

  • Terri Davis, Co-founder, ALE Advisors

  • John Hardesty, General Manager, Mortgage Division, Argyle

Click here for more details and to register for the event.

Our latest version of Link

We’ve given Argyle Link a major refresh, with improvements to the customizations, search functions, and login options you can build into your flows. To get started, follow our simple upgrade guide—or connect with our team for hands-on integration support.

The latest version of Argyle Link is part of our greater, platform-wide update, Argyle 2.0. You can learn about all of the new features and functionalities that entails in our full release announcement.

API enhancements

The Items endpoint now includes the field refresh_frequency, which provides transparency into how often your connections are refreshed, by Item. Visit Items in our API reference to learn more.

Additionally, the Reports endpoint now lets you retrieve the content of PDF reports in JSON format.

Visit Reports in our API Reference to learn more.

Coverage expansions

In April, we synced payroll records from over 700 new employers, including Fortune 500 companies like Kraft Heinz, US Foods, and Iqvia, increasing our coverage by over two million consumers.

Fintech Nexus USA

We’re proud to be among the sponsors of Fintech Nexus USA, which will take place in New York City from May 10–11. Use discount code Sponsor15_Argyle to get 15% off your ticket price, and join the industry event of Q2.

See you next month

In the meantime, as always, you can reach out to Argyle’s team with any questions or concerns about our latest product updates and goings-on.