Are you utilizing Argyle’s newest features?
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Are you utilizing Argyle’s newest features?

We’re feeling thankful this month for several product enhancements that reduce friction, improve the borrower journey, and expand the coverage of Argyle’s solutions. Let’s dive in.

Preview real payroll data

Connect your own payroll account to try out Argyle. Console’s new ‘preview mode’ allows you to instantly retrieve your income and employment data through Argyle. Your data is visible only to you (not to colleagues with Console access) and is removed upon exiting the preview window.

If you already have a Console account, try it out for yourself. If not, sign up for free today.

Sign up and sign in using Microsoft

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You can now sign up or sign in to Argyle Console using a Microsoft account, such as Outlook or Azure Active Directory. To reduce friction and incorporate into your existing tech stack, Argyle now supports Google, Microsoft, Okta, and email addresses as methods for you and your team to access Console quickly and securely.

Integration center

The new Integrations tab in Console allows you to connect third-party applications, enhancing the Argyle experience and improving the borrower journey. Our first integration enables you to receive third-party OCR data via the Argyle API for income documents that have been manually uploaded by your users in Argyle Link.

Application autofill to reduce friction

When a user connects their payroll accounts, you can pre-populate any form or application they encounter. This speeds up your conversion process and minimizes input errors.

Click here to explore Application Autofill in your browser.

Argyle Open Network

Last month we launched our supply-side API to make it easier than ever for income and employment data custodians to integrate with Argyle. Platforms and employers that embrace the Argyle Open Network can easily provide the best perks and benefits to workers, including earned wage access, paycheck-linked lending, early pay, and more. We are looking for new partners to join our beta API and help us refine industry standards for sharing income and employment data.

Click here to learn more and contact us to join.

Expanding coverage

Last month we launched integrations for Instawork and ASDA gig workers.

We’ve synced employment records from 500+ new employers in October. These include numerous Fortune 500 companies, such as State Farm and Morgan Stanley.


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