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Vytas Butkus

Vytas Butkus


August 2021 Product Update


Happy August! To kick off the month (and week), here is your trusted Argyle newsletter filled with product updates, a new version of our documentation, and some updates from us in the industry.

New Documentation Website

Argyle Docs now has a refreshed look and better navigation options — all to help you find relevant information faster.

Also, check out our growing Solutions page, which features end-to-end solution guides for use cases like Verification of Employment & Income (VOIE) or Deposit Switching.

Coverage Expansion

As always, Argyle is continuing to expand our coverage. You can now access employment records stored at Alcoa, AmerisourceBergen, Archer Daniels Midland, Avantor, Intel, and 460 other companies.

Additionally, it is now possible to access employment records of companies that utilize Frontline HRO, PMI Resource, and Concurrent HRO payroll solution providers.

The full coverage list can be found here.

Console - New Status and Coverage Pages

A new Coverage page in the Argyle Console provides a breakdown of available data points by Link item (company or payroll platform). You can also use it to quickly find out if the Link item is working normally or undergoing maintenance.

The updated System status page will now show the current status of the API, Console, and Link.

New Data Fields - Payouts endpoint

The following new fields are now available in the Payouts endpoint:

Expanded Deductions - the current single number of deductions will be supplemented with an expanded list of deduction types, tax classifications, and respective amounts.

Expanded Taxes - similar to deductions, more context will be provided to the various types of taxes incurred by the employee.

Filing Status (local, state, national) will be surfaced in the payouts.

Improvements to Pay Distribution Errors

Two additional errors have been added to the pay distribution flow:

  • unusable_bank_account— some payment providers (e.g. Stripe) used by payroll platforms might reject a bank account, in which case this error will be shown.

  • updated_too_recently— some payroll platforms impose limits on how often pay distribution details can be updated.

Forbes: Fintech Is On A Mission To Change The Credit Score As It's Known

Hear from our CEO Shmulik Fishman in his latest piece on Forbes about the future of the credit score.

Argyle Made the Shortlist as an Award Finalist

Argyle was named a finalist for the "Best Product for Financial Services" from the SaaS Awards. Learn more here.

In the Community

Argyle's Hannah Arnold participated in an Argyle sponsored webinar on "Tech Advancements with Staying Power" about digitizing the mortgage industry. Catch it on demand here.

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