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December 2021 Product Update

Hey there,

"Effort is what happens when we go beyond our normal speed" - Seth Godin.

Here's the latest at Argyle: we've introduced webhook management in Console, expanded coverage, launched Document Upload, partnered with Unit for payment reconciliation, and much more.

Webhook management in Console

Visit the new Webhooks tab in Console to manage your library of existing webhooks and seamlessly create new ones — no code required.

For more information on how you can use Argyle's webhooks to get notified in real time of key events like account connections, check out the webhooks guide in docs.

Coverage expansion

In November we've expanded our coverage with 3M, Lockheed Martin, Baker Hughes, CarMax, Sherwin-Williams, and Rite Aid to name just a few of the 350+ employers we've retrieved employment records from for the first time this month. This translates to an additional ~4 million employees whose data you can now access via Argyle.

Having pioneered access to verification of income and employment data for gig platforms, we're now rolling out coverage for the creator economy with the launch of our YouTube and Shopify integrations. Explore our full coverage here.

We're also improving the capabilities and performance of our existing integrations — e.g. in November, we rolled out Ping ID SSO support. In addition, we've made significant UX improvements by reducing user waiting times. For example, a successful account connection using our ADP integration now happens ~4 times faster, while the time it takes to complete a Pay Distribution (PD) Update has halved.

Document Upload launch

In our commitment to providing a great experience for all users, we have released our Document Upload feature. With Document Upload, your users can now upload W-2s, 1099s, and paystubs as a fallback option when connecting to their employer is not available. You can also customize this experience for your users through Link Customizer.

Payment reconciliation with Unit

If you are using Argyle for paycheck-linked lending, you might need to reconcile payments made from the user's payroll platforms to their bank account(s). To help you do this, Argyle has partnered with Unit to generate account/routing numbers for deposit switching and maintain a mapping of Argyle account IDs against bank routing and account numbers.

Sign up for a Unit account to implement payment reconciliation, and consult our docs here.

Dedicated error guides

In the spirit of transparency, we've released dedicated materials detailing error codes and messages, common causes, and steps for troubleshooting. In addition to Link Analytics that lets you track an entire user journey, our new account connection and pay distribution error reference pages will give you more clarity into what's happening under the hood.

Coming soon: Improvements to Link search

Over the coming weeks you might notice improvements to search results your users see in Link. By analyzing past searches, we're able to uncover user intent and fine-tune the search experience. If users working at McDonald's want to find their employer by searching for "Golden Arches", we're here to make it happen. Stay tuned!

You can leverage Link Analytics to explore your users' behavior within Argyle Link (including search behavior and much more).

Customer highlights

BMG Money customer story: Learn how BMG Money partners with Argyle for automated underwriting, instant approvals, and low-risk paycheck-linked lending in our latest customer story.

Our partnership with Finlocker: We have teamed up with FinLocker to integrate employment and income data into its financial fitness app, shortening the underwriting process and simplifying mortgage applications. Read more about this partnership in National Mortgage News or National Mortgage Professional.

In case you missed it

Blog feature: 75% of payouts can slip under lenders’ radar—leading to inaccurate assumptions about a borrower’s ability to repay and missed lending opportunities. To learn more, read our recent blog post, Ensuring Accurate Underwriting for Gig Workers.

And in totally other news, Happy Birthday to us! This week we celebrated three years of Argyle. We hope you also take time before the end of the year to celebrate with friends and family (our birthday or your own achievements).

If you're in Sandbox mode and are ready to switch to Production, you can contact us or do it yourself by upgrading directly in Console.

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And with any questions, please contact [email protected] or respond directly to this email, we are always here to help.

Happy New Year!

Your Argyle team