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February 2022 Product Update

Hi there,

Welcome back to your monthly status report from Argyle, showcasing all we have accomplished (even in this shorter than normal month). Let’s dive in.

Introducing our OCR for documents beta

Optical character recognition (OCR) converts user uploaded or scanned W-2s and 1099s into machine-readable text, making it easier to review and unlocking auto-fill capabilities for related forms and applications. Remove one more manual task for your team by enabling automated pre-screening and accelerate your time to decide by bundling everything you need to move forward with Argyle, vs. working with multiple vendors.

Our recent blog post goes into detail if you want to see all the value OCR for Documents unlocks.

Connect with your Argyle Account Executive or Customer Success Manager to enroll in our beta and see what you unlock with further automation. This is a free feature for clients to turn on while in beta, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

New user interface for testing direct deposit switching

You’re now able to more easily test out exactly what your users will see when updating their pay distribution in Argyle Link. Visit Link Emulator in the Console’s sandbox mode, click on the new “Update user’s pay distribution” toggle, and provide a PD config to test out the resulting Link experience.

It’s easier to try out and go live with Argyle

When in Sandbox mode, you can now find a sample of three connected test users, featuring example data sets from salaried, hourly and gig workers. You can explore the multitude of data points returned by Argyle and better plan your implementation.

Ready to start adding your users? It is now easier than ever to transition out of the Sandbox and go live with your Argyle integration. You will find all the relevant pricing and contract information in the Billing tab in the Console settings. No meetings necessary to take the next step.

Updates to our Income & Employment Verification Report

We streamlined our Income & Employment Verification Report design to make it easier to find the relevant employment and income information for your users. You can generate reports via the Console by inviting new users or programmatically via the API.


Last month we've launched our OnPay, WagePoint, Cornershop by Uber, Spark Driver, and Infor SHCM integrations, while also introducing the Pay Distribution Update functionality to our Paycor integration.

MondelezBerry GlobalRegus and Motorola Solutions are just a few selected examples of 350+ employers we retrieved employment records from for the first time in February.

Later this month: Monthly report of billable events

Alongside your monthly invoices, you will now find a downloadable CSV, which lists billable events for each user and their connected account(s). The report features information on activated accounts, monitored accounts, and pay distribution updates — based on your use case.

Coming soon: Pay distribution to cards

Argyle Link allows users to update which bank account(s) their pay goes to for Deposit Switch or Paycheck-linked Lending. But people are paid in countless ways beyond direct bank account deposits. To meet this need, we will soon be rolling out the ability for users to add and update card payout options too.

If you’d be keen on participating in this feature’s upcoming beta please express your interest to your Argyle Account Executive or Customer Success Manager.

Fintech Meetup

Are you planning on attending Fintech Meetup virtual event? Our team will be at the virtual event so let us know if you are also attending.

Content Highlight: What are Credit Report Errors Costing Your Business?

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Haven’t upgraded your SDK yet? Better late than never

We’ve seen examples of SDK updates by customers resulting in conversion uplift of as much as 30%!

To upgrade your SDK to the newest version, check out our Link Upgrade Guide, or reach out to [email protected] if you need help.

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- Gabrielius “Gab” Glemza

VP of Product