Vytas Butkus

Vytas Butkus


January 2021 Product Update

Hi there,

All of us at Argyle want to wish you a happy new year via this (happy) newsletter. Here's to a fantastic 2021!

Throughout the ups and downs of the year, Argyle continued to build, grow, and develop to offer you the best service and coverage for your users. Here's a little breakdown of the highlights from this past December.

Coverage Expansion

As always, Argyle is continuing to expand our coverage. You can now access employment records stored at Lowe'sPublix, Chevron, Charles Schwab, Cardinal Health, and 53 other companies.

We have also added two new payroll platforms: Dayforce HCM and Doculivery.

The full list of coverage can be found here.

API Field Updates

We added:

  • features is a new object in the Link items resource. It contains information about pay distribution capabilities of Link items: which type (percent or amount) allocations are supported and the maximum allowed number of allocations within an account.

  • document_id is a new field in the payouts resource that will allow you to link information between documents and payouts resources.

Getting Started with Argyle

Haven't connected your first account yet? It's simple. Check out this guide on what it takes to get started with Argyle.

Curious to what data you'll receive when you get Argyle up and running? Here's a deep-dive into the data you'll receive when you use Argyle.

Thoughts and Reflections

Read about Argyle's commitment to a user-consent based model.

Best wishes for the new year — Onwards!Your Argyle team