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Gabrielius Glemza


January 2022 Product Update

Hi there,

Any day you get to build something that changes the world is a good day. At Argyle, that’s every day. Here’s a recap of what we accomplished last month.

Getting started with Argyle is easier than ever

We now offer a pay-as-you-go option for those looking to check Argyle out before committing to an enterprise account.

We also rolled out a Get Started page in Console. Upon logging in for the first time, users will see featured guides on how Argyle works, and guides to help new users hit the ground running.

Console: Pay Allocations

We have updated the way pay allocations are displayed in the Console for a much more streamlined viewing experience — so you can find relevant details quicker.

Improvements to Link search

By analyzing past searches and user intent data, we’ve improved the search experience in Link. For example, if users working at McDonald's want to find their employer by searching "Golden Arches", we're here to make it happen.

You can leverage Link Analytics to explore your users' behavior within Argyle Link (including search behavior and much more).

Land returning users directly on the PD Review screen

We now offer a simplified Pay Distribution Updating process option in Link if you would like to omit the Account Status screen for users. Please see our Link documentation to learn how to implement this customization in Link.


Last month we've launched our Proliant integration, while also introducing the Pay Distribution Update functionality to our Rover and Charter Communications integrations.

AbbVieMoody’sJ.CrewDiageo, and BorgWarner are just a few selected examples of 250+ employers we retrieved employment records from for the first time in January.

Content Highlight: What is Paycheck Linked Lending?

Take a closer look at how paycheck-linked lending works, how it helps both lenders and borrowers, and how Argyle’s technology with our partner, Highline, is making it possible.

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Haven’t upgraded your SDK yet? Better late than never.

We’ve seen examples of SDK updates by customers resulting in conversion uplift by as much as 30%!

To upgrade your SDK to the newest version, check out our Link Upgrade Guide, or reach out to [email protected] if you need help.

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- Gabrielius “Gab” Glemza

VP of Product