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July 2020 Product Update

Our short term goal — 100% coverage of the 7M+ employers in the United States. Our progress — ~1M new employment records this month while releasing a new self-service feature.

New To The Argyle Data Network

Every Employer using MyADP, Gusto & Zenefits for payroll now is connected to ADN along with Target, The Home Depot, Walgreens, Fedex, and CVS. Explore Argyle Coverage.
data viewer

Argyle View

No development team? No problem. Argyle now offers a console-based way to invite your users to connect their income sources and to view the data from them. Now every business can use Argyle even if you don't have an engineering team. Sign up for Argyle View
drive it away

DriveItAway Case Study

Offering transparency to DriveItAway’s dealership clients, with data on who is using their vehicles and how these vehicles are being driven, offers an industry-leading value proposition. Read the case study
thoughts and reflections

Thoughts and Reflections

Our CEO posted thoughts on the history of direct deposits and thoughts on how access to employment records will create a new generation of innovation.
As always, please reach out with any questions, feedback, or ideas.
Stay safe, Your Argyle Team

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