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Vytas Butkus


July 2021 Product Update


With the summer solstice behind us and the end of the second quarter, we're officially in the second half of 2021, but who's counting? We wouldn't be able to keep track of time if it wasn't for all that is new over here at Argyle!

Here is the latest with some of our highlights from June.

Link Items Search Via the API

You can now search for Link items via the API. This allows you to deep link users directly into an employer login screen. Additionally, you can use this endpoint to power the "Who is your employer" field within your app.

Coverage Expansion

As always, Argyle is continuing to expand our coverage. You can now access employment records stored at Abbott LaboratoriesAGCOBDCignaDanaherDellLiberty MutualPioneer Natural ResourcesRepublic ServicesRoss StoresSynchrony FinancialSynnexTenneco, and 153 other companies.

Additionally, it is now possible to access employment records of companies that utilize VensureHRAmerica’s Back OfficeWorkSmart SystemsMy HR ProfessionalsPrestigePEOResourcing EdgeAegis Payroll, and Engage PEO payroll solution providers.

The full list of coverage can be found here.

New Data Fields - Payouts endpoint

Please Note: These fields will be released during the second week of July.

The following new fields will soon be available in the Payouts endpoint:

  • Expanded Deductions- the current single number of deductions will be supplemented with an expanded list of deduction types, tax classifications, and respective amounts.

  • Expanded Taxes- similar to deductions, more context will be provided to the various types of taxes incurred by the employee.

  • Filing Status(local, state, national) will be surfaced in the payouts.

Pay Distribution Updates

You can now enable editing directly in the pay distribution config. By marking the "allow_editing" parameter to false, you can remove the Edit button in the pay allocations overview screen.

You can also now disable suggestions for pay allocation values when a user is confirming a pay distribution. The suggested values are surfaced in the case where your new pay allocation will change the overall pay distribution. For example, a user had a 95/5% pay distribution split. You want to receive 20% of the user's paycheck. If you use the enable_suggestions Link attribute, the system will suggest the new proportions to the user (e.g. 20/2/78% split).

Setting enable_suggestions to false will leave the previous pay allocation fields empty and the user will have to fill them in manually.

You can now remove pay allocations via the API, learn more about it here.

Exclude Link Items or Categories

excludeCategories and excludeLinkItems parameters in Link allow you to fine-tune your Link item list by excluding certain Link items or whole categories (employer, gig, or platform). This allows you to focus on your market segment (e.g. gig vs. traditional) and surface only the relevant Link items.

News and Announcements

In June, Argyle announced joining Visa Fintech Partner Connect to bring real-time income and employment verification services to Visa's clients and partners.

Read about it in our press release, or in our coverage on Bloomberg or GlobalFintechSeries.

Also, Argyle officially Soc 2 Type 2 compliant. Read more about it on our blog.

Customer spotlight

Better Financial Announces Upcoming Launch of Payroll-Linked Cash Advances and Instant Direct Deposit Switch Powered by Argyle’s Employment Data Platform.

Read more about it on our published joint press release.

Thoughts and findings

Read on to learn how Argyle is saving lenders time and money in their VoIE protocols and alleviating frustrations at every stage of origination.

Your vetting process is only as good as the data that informs it. Here are just some of the reasons payroll data is quickly becoming a go-to choice for lenders in the know.