Shmulik Fishman

Shmulik Fishman


June 2020 Product Update

This month brings some exciting and significant updates at Argyle including 50+ newly supported employers, a fresh website look, and improved error handling as well as documentation. Click on the links below to learn more:

More Income Sources Join Argyle Network

CVS, USPS, UpWork, and all companies leveraging Ultimate Software’s HRMS (including Google, Tesla, Aramark, Aetna) are now part of Argyle’s coverage network. Explore Argyle Coverage.

Argyle on the Web Reinvented

A fresh view of Argyle’s offering is live on our website that better reflects our products, solutions, and the industries we serve. Check out our new website.

Updates to Argyle Link

Link now loads much faster through a new CDN service, has the ability to fork users out of our menu by selecting that their income source is not yet listed, and a backend service for us to better understand user flows and drop-off rates. Use Emulator to test Argyle Link.

Switzerland Style Error Handling

Account status codes have been improved to provide more transparency into the state of an account, the type of error a user encounters, and what process needs to take place to move an account out of an error state.

Refreshed API Docs

Restructured our documents so they are split by product offering, provide clearer explanations on how to leverage our webhook service, and include updated definitions for both our Scan and Update products. View API Documentation.

Thoughts and Reflections

Our CEO posted thoughts on the history of income & employment verification as well as the benefits of remote work in this Covid-19 World.

As a company who is in the business of building, we would be remiss to ignore the state of our society as we reflect upon systemic racism and how to go about building a better future. We stand with the entire black community against racism, inequality, and police brutality and encourage all of you to speak up, embrace this moment for the better, and keep building toward positive change. Please reach out to us with any questions, feedback, or ideas.

Stay safe,

Your Argyle Team