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June 2022 Product Update

Hi there,
Welcome back to your monthly status report from Argyle, showcasing all we have accomplished in June. Let’s dive in.

Earned wage access with PaycheckNow

earned-wage-access-with-PaycheckNow june product update image
Our latest pre-build, PaycheckNow, demonstrates how you can implement an earned wage access solution with Argyle. 61% of consumers in the US report living paycheck to paycheck, limiting their ability to cover unplanned expenses. Earned wage access solutions help these consumers to access the money they earn before the end of their pay cycle, enabling more control over their finances.
PaycheckNow allows you to receive information about your customer’s already-earned income and deduct early payments directly from the customer’s payroll. Like all of our pre-builds, PaycheckNow is a turnkey solution that is ready to be integrated into your existing app with little lift from your engineers.

Check out the new Activity Dashboard in Console

Usage activity dashboard in Console
Console, your command center for managing Argyle, now includes key visualizations of your Argyle activity.
See this month’s activity at a glance, as well as an overview of top income sources being connected by your users. Or dive deep into detailed historical activity — accounts connected, accounts monitored, and direct deposit switches over time.
Access the dashboard in the new Home tab of Argyle Console.

Updates to the Billing Tab in Console

Updates to the Billing Tab in Console
In addition to the new activity dashboard in Console, we’ve overhauled how you view and manage your billing details in Console’s "Settings" page, giving you even more transparency and control over your Argyle implementation.
  • The Billing tab now includes a chart of your Argyle invoices over time
  • Within the Billing tab, you’re now able to edit your billing email address and credit card details, if you pay by credit card
  • A new Plan tab provides a quick overview of which Argyle capabilities you have enabled and their pricing

New features in Link 4.2

New features in Argyle Link 4.2
We continue to improve Argyle Link to deliver industry-leading features and conversion rates. The latest batch of improvements includes:
  • Deep linking straight into the document upload flow - for those rare cases when Argyle does not cover a particular income source, you can land a user directly into the document upload flow to receive documents manually
  • Improvements to the “Can’t find your income source?” flow - making it simpler for users to provide information about their employment when they can’t find it using search
  • More informative username field labels - users are now presented with richer context and examples when entering their credentials, and we’ve already confirmed the associated uplift in conversion.
As always, the Link experience can be configured, tailored and branded to fit your use case and optimize conversion using Link Customizer.
If you use the web version of Link, this update has been applied automatically. If you use a Link mobile SDK, check out the Link Upgrade Guide to switch to Link 4.2.


June 22 Argyle Coverage
Last month we launched our Netspend and Asure HCM integrations. We also introduced the Pay Distribution Update functionality to our SAP integration and added the Pay Distribution Update to Card functionality to our Shipt, Favor Delivery and Rover integrations. Lastly, we have enhanced multiple Login method support for Veterans Affairs for a more intuitive experience.
We retrieved employment records from 600+ new employers in June. These include more than a dozen Fortune 500 companies, such as Disney, HCA Healthcare and Goldman Sachs.

Argyle Ecosystem Partners

Argyle Ecosystem Partners
We’ve partnered with YCombinator, FinTech Sandbox, and Techstars to offer 1,000 free account activations to their startups. With the free account connections, startups can begin implementing Argyle at no cost and start paying for the service only after deriving value from our product.
If you are a member of these communities, click here to read more, or reach out directly to [email protected] to learn about exclusive member offers and what sets Argyle apart as an income data platform.
Have newsletter feedback, need Argyle support or just want to have a chat? Please drop us a line or respond to this email. We are always here!
- Gabrielius “Gab” Glemza
VP of Product

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