june 2023 update
Tigran Askaryan

Tigran Askaryan


June 2023 Product Update

What’s new at Argyle? Among other advancements, this month brought major upgrades to the way you manage connections in Argyle Console, fresh features to streamline the way Argyle integrates with your existing systems and processes, and exciting new additions to the payroll platforms and employers covered by Argyle’s data network.

Dive in below.

Simpler, more powerful user management in Argyle Console

Payroll accounts are now easier than ever to manage in Argyle Console.

Our redesigned Connections tab brings information on all users and accounts—previously spread across multiple tables—into one simple, cohesive view. New filters and statuses let you quickly hone in on just what you’re looking for. A reworked search bar allows you to locate accounts by name, email, ID, or phone number. And a few tweaks under the hood make it all blazingly fast.

If you use Argyle Console to send URL invites, those are integrated seamlessly into the experience as well. We’ve built in quick access to essential invite information and actions—like what step an invitee has reached in the connection process and the ability to easily copy or resend invite URLs.

External IDs to tag Argyle users based on existing systems

You can now leverage our external ID property to tag and search Argyle users based on reference information from your other systems—like a loan application ID, branch ID, or customer ID.

To get started, visit a user profile in Argyle Console and select “Add external ID” from the menu in the top-right corner. You can also add external IDs when sending URL invites via Argyle Console or directly via Argyle’s API.

You can learn more about external IDs and how to use them in our Docs.

Verified coverage expanded by over 3 million

Month after month, Argyle’s industry-leading coverage continues to grow. All told, Argyle’s verified coverage increased by over three million records in June alone.

We synced payroll records from over 1,600 new employers and launched support for two new payroll and gig platforms: Heartland Payroll, a leading payroll provider for businesses in retail and hospitality, and Curri Driver, a gig platform specializing in construction delivery.

Consumers will now find 99% of Fortune 1000 companies in Argyle Link—meaning nearly every Fortune 1000 employee can use our platform to verify their income and employment.

Upcoming events

FHFA Velocity TechSprint [July 10-13]

Argyle is currently attending the FHFA’s inaugural TechSprint. Argyle founder and CEO Shmulik Fishman was featured on the “Building the Pipes” panel, weighing in on the increasingly important relationship between fintechs and data aggregators in the mortgage industry. Today, July 13, tune in to hear our remarks during Demo Day on how to make mortgage lending more efficient with tech.

Multifamily Demo Day [August 11th]

We’re joining Multifamily Insider’s next big event and presenting a demo of Argyle’s Income & Employment Verification solution for the mortgage and housing industries. You can visit this link to register for our session.

Questions? We’re here to help.

As always, you can reach out to our team if you have any questions about our new features, want to know what we’re working on next, or need a bit of extra support.