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March 2022 Product Update

Hi there,

In March we shared the news of our Series B and were blown away by the kind notes we received from clients and partners. We could not have gotten here without you, thank you again for the feedback and ongoing engagement.

We’ve got big plans for the future of Argyle and can’t wait to continue unlocking industry-leading solutions and innovative features for you.

Here’s what else happened in March:

Connect first 5 accounts for free

There’s a new way to see if Argyle is the right fit for you. Start a free trial in Console with a few clicks, and connect up to five user accounts to see real-time income and employment data in action.

Connect real employment accounts, view available data fields, test direct deposit switching, and more. No credit card required.

To get started today, log into Console and select “Get started” to provide a few details and start adding five free accounts.

Argyle Verify: Employment verifications made easy

Employees can now work directly with Argyle to verify their own employment, saving both the employee and their HR team time and money. Businesses can invite employees to Argyle Verify, have them connect their work account and approve the creation and sharing of a verification report. Then Argyle will quickly generate the report and send it directly to the requesting party.

Check out our Employers Verify page to learn more about how Argyle can streamline your operations with free income and employment reports.

Full SSO support in Argyle Link

Last month we launched support for OneLogin and DUO single sign-on (SSO), which users can now use to connect their employment account(s). With these latest additions, Argyle now supports all major SSO solutions for consumers. This makes the login process through Link much easier, in turn increasing your conversion rates.

As a round up, Argyle supports the following SSO solutions for users connecting their accounts in Link: DUO, Google, Microsoft, OKTA, OneLogin, and PingID.

Year-to-date net pay and gross pay

Net and gross pay year-to-date (YTD) values, which appear on paystubs, are now available via Argyle API. You can find them in our /payouts endpoint, check out our Documentation to learn more.

Our new and improved Billing tab

We’ve refreshed the Billing interface in the Console setting page to make it easier to navigate and break down your pricing and monthly charges with Argyle. We also added the ability to update your payment information in this tab.

Alongside your monthly invoices, you will now find a downloadable CSV, which lists billable events for each user and their connected account(s). The report features information on activated accounts, monitored accounts, and pay distribution updates.

Coming soon: Link 4

In April, Argyle Link is getting an upgrade. Our team has been hard at work improving the visual experience for Link end users. This update is exclusively to enhance Link’s look and feel and will not impact any endpoints or data connection to Console.

Stay tuned for the full announcement in April with documentation and upgrade instructions.


Last month we launched our SAP SuccessFactorsPatreoneHubPoint Pickup, and Shiftsmart integrations, while also introducing the Pay Distribution Update functionality to our JPMorgan Chase integration.

ABM IndustriesAlcoaGSK, and Voya Financial are just a few selected examples of 350+ employers we retrieved employment records from for the first time in March.

A Coverage tab has been added to our Changelog (see here). You can subscribe to our Changelog via e-mail or by connecting Slack to make sure you never miss the latest updates.

Content Highlight: Who Financial Institutions Are Leaving Behind (Survey)

Lending decisions around housing, vehicles, and other services have long been based on a borrower's credit score or their ability to evidence regular employment — a formula that no longer fits our economy.

To shed light on this issue, Argyle surveyed 1,226 workers reporting 1099 earnings as either a primary (55.1%) or partial (44.9%) source of income. We learned about their experiences with lending institutions, barriers to financial access, and innovations that could change their lives for the better.

To review the full report, download the full survey here.

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And with any questions, please contact [email protected] or respond directly to this email, we are always here to help.

- Gabrielius “Gab” Glemza

VP of Product