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May 2022 Product Update

Hi there,

Welcome back to your monthly status report from Argyle, showcasing all we have accomplished in May. Let’s dive in.


FinanceNow is an application template built for financial service providers to deliver a better money management experience to the modern worker.

Utilizing Argyle’s user-permissioned income data, Unit’s powerful core banking, and Stytch’s passwordless authentication platform, FinanceNow demonstrates how income and employment data can be used in your own app and open sources the code to save resources in implementation.

FinanceNow is designed as a demonstration of how you can help consumers get a better understanding of their financial health, leading to a sticky banking user experience and a reduction in app churn.

Read the blog post with more details and give it a try with the demo here.

Improvements to Argyle Docs

We’ve launched a new and improved documentation experience.

Docs is the map both new and returning users rely on to get the most out of our product. Whether it is getting set up, troubleshooting, or implementing a new feature, documentation is the unsung hero of a great customer experience.

We improved Argyle Docs by:

  • Updating the design and search functionality, so our Docs are easier to navigate

  • Building a truly interactive API reference; developers can test Argyle API endpoints in the Docs

  • Making it more engaging for a wider audience

More details can be found in our blog post, and check out to experience it for yourself.

Introducing the Employer Search pre-build

Leveraging Employer Search reduces the number of free-form text fields an applicant has to fill out on your application. Your underwriting team no longer has to infer what a user meant when typing “Amazom”, reducing your compliance risk.

Employer Search’s autocomplete field utilizes Argyle’s database, along with the Fortune 10k and the IRS’s registered payroll service providers, to help users select their employer. This simple user flow removes friction in the process, helping applicants to submit their data quickly and correctly.

See the Employer Search pre-build guide and test it here.

Launching OCR for all Argyle clients

Argyle’s optical character recognition (OCR) technology now automatically converts W-2s and 1099s into machine readable text to improve automation and save your team’s time and effort.

Text automatically extracted from documents is available in the metadata field of the Documents endpoint.

If your users are manually uploading documents in Argyle Link, OCR can also be applied to these documents. To learn more, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or to the team via [email protected].


Last month we launched our krowDOasis Paychex HR, Veryable and Waitr integrations. We also introduced the Pay Distribution Update functionality to our Namely integration.

Universal Health ServicesStaplesYum! Brands, and Guardian Life are just a few selected examples of 550+ employers we retrieved employment records from for the first time in May.

Building the dream team

We are excited to have two new amazing additions to our leadership team at Argyle; Emerson Verrier who joins us as VP of Finance and Brain Geary, our new Chief Commercial Officer. Click on their names to learn more about the skills they bring to Argyle.

Come see us at the Digital Banking Summit

If you’re in Austin June 13th to 15th for the Digital Banking Summit 2022, be sure to say hi to Mike and Stephen at booth #423. We hope to see you there!

Content Highlight: Want to Build User Trust? Don’t be Creepy

At first pass, data companies view regulations and obligations as an operational burden that negatively impacts user conversion and retention. The thesis is that warning labels can scare and confuse a consumer and attract problematic consumers interested in finding loopholes. At Argyle, we do not see it this way.

To continue reading, click here.

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- Gabrielius “Gab” Glemza

VP of Product