May 2023 Product Update
Tigran Askaryan

Tigran Askaryan


May 2023 Product Update

From richer customization of Argyle Link to new data sets and webhooks, the most powerful platform for payroll connections is only getting better.

The Argyle team made big strides in May. We’ve added new ways to tune your customers’ connection experience, introduced new data fields, upgraded how you explore and stay up-to-date with changes to our data network, and expanded verified coverage by over 1,000 employers. In short, it’s been a busy month.

Let’s dive in and take a closer look at what’s new and exciting at Argyle—and how our fresh features can amplify your business.

Greater coverage transparency

You can now leverage our updated coverage dashboard in Console to get more granular insights on data field availability, integration limitations, and features like ongoing refresh and deposit switching by data source.

That means instead of having to rely on Google Sheets or reaching out to our (very talented) customer success team to discover and track what’s possible for a given payroll system, you can find the answers you need about our growing coverage network directly in Argyle Console.

A dynamic Argyle Link home screen

With Argyle Link 5.1, we’ve given you control over key aspects of Link’s home screen, so you can further streamline your customers’ connection experience. Select from five categories to showcase on the home screen (Popular, Employer, Gig, Payroll, and Benefits) and optionally curate the specific income sources that appear under “Popular”. Tailor your customers’ first touchpoint in Argyle Link to your use case, resulting in streamlined search journeys and higher conversion rates.

To explore Argyle Link 5 and begin enjoying its many benefits, check out our quick upgrade guide.

Real-time item updates

Subscribe to our new Items webhook to stay up to date on changes across Argyle’s data network. Provide a list of payroll systems to monitor and you’ll be instantly notified whenever new features are added—like new data fields, ongoing refresh, and Deposit Switching support—or if there are changes to a system’s connection health or data limitations.

A brand-new Shifts data set

Argyle’s new Shifts data set is now available. This data set gives you a detailed view of hourly workers’ shift data, including total number of hours worked and detailed shift timing.

Shifts joins existing data sets like Gigs, which provides a similar breakdown for gig workers. Visit the coverage page in Argyle Console to see which payroll systems support Shifts, along with any of Argyle’s other data sets.

Mortgage webinar now streaming on demand

Our latest webinar and Q&A brought together a panel of industry leaders from Lake Michigan Credit Union, Georgia Credit Union, and ALE Advisors, in addition to Argyle’s own subject matter experts, to tackle the issue of fluctuating mortgage rates.

If you missed the live event, you can read a recap over on our blog, review the slide deck, or watch a full recording via Zoom to learn what our panelists had to share.

Coverage up by 1,000+ employers

Finally, we launched our PrimePay integration in May, further bolstering Argyle’s market-leading coverage of payroll providers in the food service, healthcare, manufacturing, and franchise industries.

In total, we synced payroll records from over 1,000 new employers over the course of the month, including Fortune 500 companies like Estée Lauder, Dow, and Jacobs—increasing our total verified coverage by nearly two million consumers.

Questions? We’re here to help.

As always, you can reach out to our team if you have any questions about our new features, want to know what we’re working on next, or need a bit of extra support.