New Release: Sample Apps
Vytas Butkus

Vytas Butkus


New Release: Sample Apps to Accelerate Your Build

Simplify implementation and reduce your time to market with Argyle’s prefab app templates.

Docs and code are full of possibility—but, most of the time, they’re just abstract letters and numbers on a screen. It’s difficult to know what they’re going to look like in practice and how much time and effort it will take to create a delightful end-user experience for a specific use case.

That’s why Argyle has released a collection of Sample Apps that eliminate the guesswork. With interactive demos and expertly curated documentation, you can lift as much as you want from our readymade templates, get up and running quickly on your app, and slash your time to market.

What we’re solving

Our templates offer a working model of Argyle in action and provide tailored code and reference frameworks you can easily download, customize, and implement for your app.

Think of it like an IKEA showroom: all of the pieces are real, they’re expertly arranged to optimize a particular space, and you can pick and choose the elements you want to include in your home. You don’t have to speculate what a couch will look like in context by combing through the assembly instructions—you can see and feel what it looks like by walking right into the showroom.

Here are some of the Sample Apps we were able to build in two weeks or less using Argyle’s turnkey architecture:

Bank App

Our banking template shows how you can use Argyle’s income data to power a modern personal finance app. It features working models for streamlined account opening, real-time earnings transparency, embedded pay-on-demand capabilities, linked checking and savings accounts, card management, and more.


Our earned wage access (EWA) template demonstrates how you can analyze users’ pay cycles (whether from a regular salary or from gig or shift-based work), identify the wages they’ve already earned, and deduct early payments directly from their payroll provider using Argyle’s pay distribution feature.

Employer Search

Our employer search app captures users’ entries in an inline, autocomplete field—rather than a free-form text field—and matches them to employers in Argyle’s database. This means all of the data is standardized before it lands on loan applications, avoiding common pitfalls like typos and irregularities. Through Argyle Link, it can even deep-link users to the appropriate employer login screen later in your application flow, streamlining the underwriting process and boosting the likelihood of conversion.

Income Visualizer

Our income visualizer app (coming soon) offers a centralized dashboard that consolidates users’ income data from many different sources and presents it in intuitive, customizable charts and displays. This gives users valuable insights into their income—like the wages they’ve earned versus received, how earnings from different income streams compare, or how their income breaks down by the day, week, month, or year.

How it works

You can view all of Argyle’s available templates on the Sample Apps landing page. For each app, you’ll find a live demo you can click around and explore, custom documentation, and links to a GitHub repository where you can access the code.

Why you’ll love it

Ultimately, you want to know what Argyle’s solutions can do once they’re actually implemented in your app.

With our new Sample Apps, you don’t have to wonder. You can access a fully functional, finished model of the applied code—so you can use it to inspire, inform, and expedite your roadmap.

Ready to superspeed your build?

Reach out to an account executive to learn more about our templates—or check out all our Sample Apps to interact with different demos, jump into the docs, and try some customizations out for yourself.