Vytas Butkus

Vytas Butkus


November 2020 Product Update

As always, your Argyle team has been working hard to get you equipped to best serve your users. Last month's updates include even greater coverage and additional company detections, pay distributions, and new data in the API.

Increased Coverage

You can now access data from Veteran AffairsDollar GeneralFiverrAllied Universal, and every employer using Paylocity as their payroll vendor.

You can see the full coverage here.

MyADP Company Detection

We verified additional 5,000 companies powered by MyADP. If your users are working at one of those companies, they will now be able to select the company directly on the Argyle Link company list screen instead of authenticating through MyADP.

Argyle Update: Pay Distributions

With Argyle Update, users can change their direct deposit information and include your bank account into their pay distribution. Allocations can be based on percent or amount values.

Please refer to our documentation for more information on how to configure pay distribution changes.

New Data in the API

We have added additional data fields in the API:

  • /v1/employments — a new endpoint that holds all the information related to a user's employment by an employer. A lot of the fields in this endpoint were moved from /v1/profiles.

  • Employer — this new field denotes the true employer of any user who has connected their account via Argyle Link. In some instances previously, the employer was not shown because the user was using a payroll provider (e.g. MyADP) account to connect to their employer.

Thoughts and Reflections

Last month Argyle announced a $20M series A funding round, backed by Bain Ventures, Bedrock, F-Prime, and Checkr. With this new capital, we are poised to strengthen our market-leading position and make Argyle the number one choice for accessing employment data.

To celebrate, we gave our website a makeover. We would love to hear your thoughts! As always, please reach out with any questions, feedback, or ideas.

Your Argyle Team