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Anu Patel

Anu Patel


November 2021 Product Update

Hey there,

Our team recently attended Money 20/20, where there was major presence of payment service providers. As more people collect two (or more) paychecks, simple solutions to aggregate and analyze income data are critical to payment upstarts and the larger financial institutions they compete with.

Here's what we have been working on to improve this crucial data pipeline for you:

Coverage expansion for October

Argyle continues to expand coverage every month and we are excited to share that in October we have added these to the fast growing list: McKesson, Sysco, Carrier Global, ODP (Office Depot, OfficeMax), Textron, Keurig Dr Pepper, AutoNation, Northern Trust, Hilton Worldwide Holdings, ConocoPhillips, to name a few! Explore our full coverage here.

Additionally, you can now access employee records for companies who use payroll providers such as Paychex eServices, Toast, Alliance HCM, gig worker data for Roadie and information about New York State Department of Labor (DoL) benefit recipients.

API overview and data retrieval documentation

We will be adding two new guides to our library to support you in your API integrations by providing:

  • An API overview, featuring suggestions and best practices (this will also be repeated in our existing API reference guide)

  • A Data retrieval guide covering two of the most common data retrieval scenarios; while data is being synced and continuous access

Redesigned email/SMS invite

Our team has made it even easier to customize the invite you send users to connect their employment accounts via email/SMS. The new tab layout allows you to quickly configure what invited users will see during each step of the process. Additionally, when sending out invites, you will now be able to select which of your existing Link Customizations invited users will be presented with.

Coming this month—Document Upload

In the rare case your user can’t find their employer or payroll provider in Argyle Link—or is unsuccessful after a login attempt—you'll soon be able to give them the option to quickly and easily upload a W-2, 1099, and paystubs to verify their income. This means you can verify even more of your customers within Argyle, securing higher completion and conversion rates overall with just one solution.

Look out for more to come this month and reach out to us with any questions!

Welcoming our general counsel, Sid Uberoi

We are thrilled to have Sid Uberoi join our team as the General Counsel. Uberoi brings over 13 years of providing legal guidance to leading tech companies for industry-specific compliance, data privacy concerns, and business transactions. Read more about Uberoi in our press release.

Billy Marsden speaking at The Big Bank Theory Conference

Our Co-founder and COO, Billy Marsden, will be speaking on November 11th at Tearsheet's The Big Bank Theory Conference. The conference will bring together senior finance industry leaders to cover what the top firms are doing with products and services, strategy, talent, and customer acquisition to thrive in today's unprecedented environment.

In case you missed it...

Blog feature: Learn how United Way's Prosperi-Key uses Argyle’s employment and income verification solution to qualify its users for earnings-based support services in our latest case study.

Press coverage: Shmulik recently spoke to Business Insider about how has Argyle raised millions using investment memos instead of standard pitch decks.

Money 20/20: The Argyle team took Las Vegas by storm for Money 20/20. As a fully remote team, it was great to meet up in person, network with other fintech leaders, and explore partnerships at the conference.

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