November 2022 Product Update
Vytas Butkus

Vytas Butkus


November 2022 Product Update

Our latest updates improve functionality, deepen user insights, and expand coverage. Let’s dive in.

New features in Link

With Argyle Link 4.7, we're introducing a simpler, more intuitive deposit switching flow to drive even greater user engagement and conversion rates. Most importantly, we’ve added new features to help you manage the entire direct deposit lifecycle through your platform, including adding, adjusting, and removing pay allocations. Read more about the direct deposit lifecycle on our blog.

Fleet Owner App

We released a new sample app for fleet owners that rent vehicles to gig drivers. Viewing their earnings, tracking activity, miles, and monitoring driver tenure can help:

  • Lower insurance premiums, by providing more granular data for each insurance period when adding coverage

  • Optimize revenue, by prioritizing which drivers are most active and are generating the most mileage fees

  • Reduce payment risk, by staying informed at all times of the drivers’ activity levels

You can try out the Fleet Owner App demo here.

LOS and POS integrations

Integrating Argyle’s identity, income, and employment information into your Loan Origination System and Point of Sale System has always been a game changer, and is now easier than ever with our new step-by-step guides. See how Argyle can enhance both the borrower and lending experience, from pre-application to closing, with the POS guide and LOS guide in our documentation.

New features in Argyle Console

1. You can now filter Console’s conversion dashboard by Link Customization, to see how different branding and flows in Link impact user dropoff.2. If you use Console to send URLs inviting users to connect payroll accounts:

  • You can now view and filter the Invites table by sender, providing visibility into invite usage across team-members and enabling individual team-members to focus on sent invites that are relevant to them

  • You can now copy the URL that was sent as part of an invite right from the Invites table

  • You’ll now get notified via email when an invited user uploads income documents rather than connecting a payroll account (in addition to the existing email notification for users connecting a payroll account)

3. When creating a Link Customization, you can now choose whether to include or exclude Government benefits as a category of income sources4. If you have free Sandbox-only access to Argyle, explore our Coverage tool to learn about supported platforms and available data fields. Previously available only if on a paid Argyle plan.


Last month we launched support for direct deposit switching for our Instawork integration. We’ve synced employment records from 400+ new employers in November. These include more than half a dozen Fortune 500 companies, such as American Airlines, Kimberly-Clark, WestRock, and United Natural Foods.