Pay Distribution to Cards
Augustinas Markevicius

Augustinas Markevicius


Now You Can Offer Pay Distribution to Cards with Argyle

A more integrated and delightful end user experience.

Argyle Link allows users to update which bank account(s) their pay goes to for Deposit Switch or Paycheck-linked Lending. But people are paid in countless ways beyond direct bank account deposits. To help you offer the most comprehensive services to your users, we now offer the ability for users’ pay distribution update to include cards too.

The rise of direct to card payouts

The shift from physical paychecks to the ease of direct deposit opened up a whole world of where funds from an employer can flow. While the most popular option remains direct deposit to a bank account, more and more companies are offering direct payout to cards. 

This option can be appealing to employees who may not have or qualify for a checking account. Specifically a number of gig platforms—including Uber, Lyft, Instacart, and DoorDash—offer payouts directly to cards.

Users are always on the lookout for financial service providers that empower them to deposit earnings in the most useful location. For many, this is directly to a card so funds can be put to work right away.  

Payout to card in Argyle Link

By offering pay distribution to card through Argyle Link, we are embracing all workers and enabling them to send funds where they serve them best. From your application, users are can add:

  • Cards

  • Bank accounts

  • Cards and bank accounts

With the introduction of cards to Argyle’s Pay Distribution product, you can now offer Deposit Switch to cards as well. 

Argyle was also approved as PCI DSS compliant, meaning our security and compliance practices ascertain the highest standard of security when we process or transmit credit card / cardholder data. By complying with PCI DSS we demonstrate our commitment to ensure the security of credit card data and cardholder data.

To learn more about payout options, check out our updated Pay Distribution Documentation Guide in the Docs Library. We welcome and encourage any feedback on this beta feature. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager with any questions.