Vytas Butkus

Vytas Butkus


October 2020 Product Update

New to the Argyle Data Network

This month we added AT&TCostcoBestBuy, and every company that uses WorkforceNow by ADP as their payroll provider.

You can see the full coverage of the Argyle Data Network here.

MyADP Company Detection

We verified 9,000 companies powered by MyADP. If your clients are working at one of those companies, they will now be able to select them directly on the Argyle Link company list screen instead of authenticating through MyADP.

Console Improvements

We now offer clients the ability to customize how users interact with every part of Argyle without any need to call in developers or modify code. You can now customize invitations and landing pages, feature your logo during the onboarding experience, and view the granular level of user data streamed from their account.

Integrations as Microservices

As the gateway for payroll data, Argyle is constantly adding new data sources for our clients to access. To provide a smooth always-on experience, we have migrated to a technical infrastructure based on microservices for all of our integrations. This has lead to better and faster performance of the Argyle Platform.

Thoughts and Reflections

Last month Argyle's CEO was a guest speaker on The Lend—a Podcast hosted by Joseph Arnaud about the lending industry. We also released an article on the unregulated market of paystub generation and how this leads to missed opportunities.

Please reach out with any questions, feedback, or ideas.

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