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Anu Patel

Anu Patel


October 2021 Product Update

Here's the latest at Argyle: Link Customizer makes it even easier to get started with Argyle Link, our coverage continues to expand, and streamlined UX with microdeposit verification. Let's dig in.

Introducing Link Customizer

Drum roll please for...Link Customizer. With Link Customizer, you can customize the UI and functionality of Argyle Link from right within the Argyle Console (read: no coding required). As you make changes, instantly preview the resulting end-to-end Link flow. Once you're ready to use a customization, all that's required is to pass in a single parameter when initializing Link.

To get started, check out the Argyle Docs or learn more about how to make it for you on the blog.

Note: to make use of Link Customizer, you'll need to be running one of the following Link SDKs or higher: React Native 3.4.0 / iOS 3.3.0 / Android 3.3.0

Coverage expansion: from Fortune 500 to YouTube

We continue to process more employment records every month and are excited to share that in September we added the largest number of Fortune 500 companies to this list: AppleBath & Body WorksCampbell SoupDuPontHalliburtonKraft HeinzMcDonaldsNews CorpPhillips 66O'Reilly Auto PartsUlta Beauty, and Vistra to name a few! The full coverage list can be found here.

Additionally, it is now possible to access employment records of companies that use payroll providers such as Best NETNetchexInsperity PassportSupplemental Security Income.

Not only is Argyle expanding coverage in our existing domains (traditional employers, payroll platforms, gigs) but we're also breaking new ground in the creator economy with the launch of our YouTube integration. In the works are other platforms for creators such as TikTok, Twitch and Shopify.

Microdeposit verification

Argyle now supports microdeposit verification for platforms like YouTube. You can submit the verification values via the API without requiring user intervention to confirm pay allocations. This provides a seamless experience for your user as you don't need to return them to their flow to complete the verification... you're welcome!

Pro Tip: Take advantage of Argyle's Webhooks for real-time notifications

We've seen customers across the board increase their productivity with webhooks, receiving notifications of changes in a user's status with ongoing access into accounts.

Learn more about it on our blog.

Say hello to us at Money20/20

Are you planning on attending Money20/20? Pop on over to Kiosk K2301 to meet some of our team in person, and get some Argyle 'swag'.

In case you've missed it...

Podcast feature: Listen to Mike Townsend and Shmulik Fishman discuss real-time employment data on the Around the Coin podcast.

Lendit panel on the importance of real-time employment data: Check out this engaging discussion with Matt Spoke, Haiyan Hung, Mark Dreux, Peter Renton, and Shmulik Fishman on the importance of real-time employment data.

You've made it to the bottom! Thanks for reading. If you're in Sandbox and ready to get into production with Argyle, you can contact us or simply do it yourself by upgrading directly in the console.

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