Reflecting on Our Growth in 2021
Shmulik Fishman

Shmulik Fishman


Reflecting on Our Growth in 2021

Hi there,

Welcome to January 2022! 2021 was a big year of growth for us — here’s a snapshot of some of the highlights this past year (and a taste of what’s coming up).

What’s new

Changelog subscription

To stay up to date with all things Argyle — from API updates to improvements to Link — you can now subscribe to our Changelog here. This is the best way to be notified ASAP about product updates and improvements.

A much faster API

Our engineering team has been hard at work rebuilding the core services that power our API. For example, in most cases you will see a 50-fold reduction in latency when calling the payouts endpoint.

Improving conversion with continuous SDK improvements

When a user selects a payroll platform already supported by Argyle on the “Can't find your employer?” questionnaire, they will be directed to log in to that specific payroll platform.

The Login screen now features the show/hide password button to enhance the login experience, no more mistyped passwords.


In December we've expanded our integration list with the likes of TriNetRobertHalf, and the Georgia Department of Labor (for unemployment verification), introduced payouts to Doordash, and added PD Update functionality to Insperity.

J&JBank of AmericaSiemensGAP, and Arrow Electronics are just a few selected examples of the approximately 250 employers we've retrieved employment records from for the first time in December.

And we are continuing our expansion to support creators and solopreneurs as well with the addition of Twitch and TikTok. Explore our full coverage here.

The value of an employment account

By supporting many great companies throughout the year, we’ve learned just how much connecting an employment account can do for your business (spoiler alert: one of our customers increased conversion by 30x). Learn about 5 ways that neobanks who we partner with create stickiness and expand their product offerings with live income data.

And to keep the New Year’s festivities going, Happy Belated Birthday to us (again). Because is it possible to have too much cake? And while we have you, here’s another chance to subscribe to our Changelog.

Thanks for reading! And more importantly, for being with us on this journey. We're looking forward to kicking off another great year with you, and if you're new around here, welcome aboard!

— Shmulik Fishman

CEO and Founder at Argyle