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September 2022 Product Updates

Hi there,

We consistently update our solutions with new features and add products to keep you ahead of your customers’ needs. Dig in to see how we’ve enhanced the Argyle experience.

Get started with Console

We’ve added a new step-by-step guide for first-time users in Argyle Console, your command center for managing Argyle. If you already have a Console account, try it out for yourself. If not, sign up for free today.

A new endpoint for annual income

The new Income Totals endpoint enables you to retrieve a user’s total annual income quickly, both year-to-date and historically. Annual income totals are based on an account’s historical Payouts, and include a complete breakdown of gross and net income for each available calendar year.

Downloadable income verification report

Argyle’s proprietary Verification of Income and Employment report has been upgraded. The latest version of this PDF report provides a more detailed view of a user’s year-to-date and annual income, powered by the new Income Totals endpoint. To improve readability, we’ve refreshed the report layout.

Download VOIE reports directly in Console by visiting a connected user’s profile, or retrieve them using the Reports API endpoint.

Sample Loan App

Argyle supports multiple facets of loan origination and servicing, including:

  • Real-time income and employment verifications through direct, programmatic connections to borrowers’ payroll accounts

  • Autocomplete and deep-linking features through our smart Employer Search bar

  • Automatic repayment through direct deposit switching and our paycheck-linked lending solution

Our new Loan App paints a clear picture of how Argyle works with an interactive demo that walks you through an Argyle-powered application flow end to end.

New features in Link

We strive to provide a Sandbox environment that’s almost an exact replica of the various intricacies of payroll platforms, gig platforms, and other data custody solutions. With the latest update, we have added support for the new payouts fields in our Digital Paystubs release.

Additionally, a longer history of paystubs and activities is now generated for traditional employment and gig work. This allows you to test your income verification flows that require more historical data.

New features in Link

With Link 4.6 we’ve added a much-requested feature for the document upload flow: support for image file formats like JPG, PNG, etc. Alongside PDF files, users will now be able to upload their paystubs, tax forms, and other documents from screenshots or photos captured by their phone.

If you use the web version of Argyle Link, this update has been applied automatically. If you use a mobile SDK, check out the Argyle Link Upgrade Guide to switch to Link 4.6.


Last month we launched integrations for SumTotal Systems, Oracle HRMS, and Skipcart. They all support direct deposit switching.

We’ve synced employment records from 500+ new employers in September. These include numerous Fortune 500 companies, such as Mastercard and PG&E.


Event season is in full swing! Catch us at HousingWire Annual this week in Scottsdale, Arizona. From October 23-26, you can find us at both MBA Annual in Nashville at booth #621 and Money 20/20 in Vegas at booth #3208. Event season will come to a close for us on November 11th with The Fintech Formal. We hope to see you in person this fall!

Be our guest at Argyle’s Money 20/20 Happy Hour

Grab a drink and some food away from the expo hall at Argyle’s Money 20/20 Happy Hour on October 24th. Happy hour will be from 4-7 at Black Tap in The Venetian.

RSVP using the link here. We can’t wait to see you in Las Vegas!