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Tigran Askaryan

Tigran Askaryan


Try Argyle for Free to See the Value of Payroll Data

Start your free trial to connect 5 accounts. No credit card required.

Ready to get out of the sandbox and see your own user data in Console? There’s a new way to see if Argyle is the right fit for you. Start a free trial in Console with a few clicks, and connect up to five user accounts to see real-time income and employment data in action.

Connect real employment accounts

With your free trial of Argyle you are getting complete access to the product’s capabilities for those five free accounts, with no limitations. Confirm that Argyle’s industry leading coverage (80% of the active US workforce) overlaps with where your users work. By seeing your users’ data in Console you can confirm that continuous access to over 160 data points per user adds further confidence to your decisioning — you may even be able to expand your business to users you had missed before.

And we don’t ask for any payment information to connect your first five user accounts, so you don’t have to worry about any surprise bills.

Unlock all of our solutions

Argyle’s income and employment data powers a range of use cases, any of which you can test out in your free trial:

  • Verification of income and employment: Make confident decisions and reduce risk by instantly verifying income and employment

  • Direct deposit switching: Grow your assets by instantly and effortlessly allowing users to update direct deposit

  • Paycheck-linked lending: Let your users repay their loan directly from their paycheck and instantly reduce the risk of late payments and default

Argyle can also unlock earned wage access, real-time earnings tracking, financial wellness screens, and so much more.

Test out Link customizations

To see how your users convert with Argyle Link, you’re able to test things out with our two easy no-code account connection options: Link Emulator or sending email/SMS invites. Alternatively, you can integrate Link into your app or website to see how it can sit in your own application.

In real time you can test out new messaging, calls to action, and notifications to what best fits your user needs within Link Customizer. Fully explore how Argyle can work for your use case, before providing a credit card.

Get started today

To start your free trial, you can sign up here. Once you are set up in Argyle Console, click “Get started” to begin your trial with real user data.

When you are ready you can submit your payment info to start a pay-as-you-go plan (with no minimum commitment) to continue connecting accounts. If you are sold on Argyle and switch to the pay-as-you-go plan before connecting five free accounts, we will make sure you don’t see a bill before you connect more than five accounts.