Aneesha Natarajan

Aneesha Natarajan


Two Steps to Employment Verification

How Argyle’s User Experience Lowers Friction to Your Benefit

At Argyle, we know that your success as a company is contingent on architecting a seamless experience for your users (i.e., customers). That’s why we design products that not only serve your employment data needs but also the needs of the people you’re selling to. 

That means looking at the world through their eyes, thoughtfully considering how they think about and refer to their employment data, and keying into what they are feeling and experiencing when applying for a loan or mortgage, filling out a job application, obtaining insurance, renting a house, requesting a paycheck advance, purchasing a car, or any of the other scenarios where they might find themselves interacting with Argyle Link, our flagship, user-facing tool. 

Our goal? To get you the employment data you need with as little friction as possible.

Experiencing Argyle Link

Argyle Link is the interface we built to allow users to manage the transmission of their employment data in a quick, easy, and friendly way. When businesses like yours (i.e., our customers) want to access users’ employment records, they prompt them to engage with Argyle Link. The request can either be sent by email or embedded in their website or app.

Once users receive the request, Argyle Link uses conversational language to guide them through the process of connecting their payroll account in no more than two (count ‘em, two) simple steps:

  • Users find and select their employer or payroll provider from a comprehensive list. (If our customers already know this info about their users, we skip this step.)

  • Users credential into their payroll account, just like they would at work.

From there, our secure technology takes over, pulling the income and employment data our customers need and sending it to them in a matter of seconds.

Do your users have multiple employers? Argyle allows users to connect multiple sources of employment records and aggregates the data for your use.

For Example...

GoodLoans is a client of Argyle. Sara is a Good Loans user. Good Loans would like to receive Sara's employment records in order to make a lending decision. 

First, Good Loans initiates Argyle Link so Sara can set up transmission of her employment data.

Sara finds her employer (in this case Starbucks), logs in to her payroll account at Starbucks, and establishes a connection between her payroll account at Starbucks and Good Loans via the Argyle Link Interface.

Argyle discloses to Sara that "Good Loans will be able to view previous and future work, view direct deposit information, and update direct deposit information.” By continuing, she agrees to Argyle's legal terms. Sara is letting Argyle know that Good Loans can continually request updates on her employment data and can perform this transmission of her data to Good Loans on her behalf.

Sara can also edit her employment data-sharing setting at any time. She can stop the transmission of her employment data to Good Loans by going to the Good Loans app, opening up Argyle Link, selecting her Starbucks account, and removing her connection. If she does, Good Loans no longer has access to Sara's data and deletes Sara's data on their system in accordance with the MSA Good Loans has signed with Argyle.

Get It Your Way

One of our goals with Argyle Link is to maximize users’ affinity for your brand. You can customize Argyle Link with your copy, button arrangements, and employer logins throughout the Argyle Link experience. We’ve also made it so that the subject line, sender name, text body, and call to action button, for both regular connection invitations and VOIE invitations, can be tailored to your preferences. In short, your users never know they are interacting with Argyle and not your own application.

Lower Friction, Raise Conversion

Compared to the status quo, Argyle Link reduces friction for users and our customers. The seconds of work it takes to complete the Argyle Link process results in hours of time saved down the road. 

It means that users aren't manually entering their employment information, filling out tedious forms, or uploading paystub PDFs, and it means Argyle customers don’t have to go through the trouble of fact-checking and verifying the users’ employment data over the phone or by email. 

The ease of Argyle adds up to impressive conversion rates. In fact, 70% of users that see Argyle Link successfully connect a payroll account.

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