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User Consent is Here for Good

At Argyle, we provide the technology to enable people to have more control over their employment data. By building the first user-consent-based gateway to employment data, we’re helping real people avoid situations where their personal information is sold or used without their consent or knowledge (an all-too-common practice).

A Consent-Based Model Gives Individuals Control and Visibility Over Their Employment Data 

According to Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation of 2018—a piece of legislation we steadfastly respect and believe in—personal data, including employment data, is owned by the individual it represents, and consent to process and share that data must be “freely given, specific and informed.”
Argyle is a mechanism that makes that consent possible. When a company uses Argyle, they are sending a request to an individual for permission to access their employment data. That person is fully at liberty to grant or deny access and is informed by Argyle of their right to rescind permission at any time. Meanwhile, Argyle acts as a designated data transfer agent. Argyle doesn’t look at the data or use it for other purposes, we move it around only when an employee tells the system where to take it. In other words, we work solely on behalf of the individual and do not aggregate, resell, or reuse their private data under any circumstances.
Compare that to the status quo, which sees companies sell their employees’ employment data to third-party employment data aggregators without their employees’ knowledge and consent. Argyle was precisely created as a reaction to this unnerving reality. By offering a permission-based alternative, we’re giving individuals more control over and more transparency around their data and how it’s used.

Data Democratized Works in People’s Best Interests

In turn, innovative companies are using Argyle’s consent-based model to put employment data to work for the very people that data represents. From better loan terms to comprehensive insurance coverage, Argyle makes it easier and more ethical for companies to access and process the real-time data they need to offer more inclusive and equitable financial products and services that improve lives.

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