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With Argyle, Moves verifies multiple income sources, offers seamless cash advances and deposit switches, and expanded their product offerings.

In 2019, tech entrepreneur Matt Spoke was looking for a way to help gig workers. He spoke with rideshare drivers, food delivery couriers, and in-store shoppers, among others, and learned that, while they enjoyed the flexibility of their jobs, they worried about pay instability and the lack of a financial safety net. In response, Spoke created Moves, a suite of financial services designed specifically for gig workers.

To understand gig workers’ shift patterns and wage distributions, Moves needed a direct, real-time view into their income and employment data across multiple gig platforms—something only Argyle could provide.


Initially, Moves asked customers to connect their bank account via Plaid in order to evaluate their eligibility for services like cash advances. But that posed a few problems:

  • Moves could only make indirect inferences about income based on deposits they recognized as originating from a gig platform.

  • The data Moves received was limited to income that had already been deposited, which can happen weeks after wages are actually earned.

  • Customers were hesitant to enter sensitive bank account credentials, precipitating a huge dropoff in engagement and a high number of incomplete profiles.

Complicating matters was the fact that most gig workers earn pay from multiple sources. They might work as an Uber driver, DoorDash courier, and Amazon Flex contractor all in the course of a week, and Moves needed a way to know how much they were making from each employer. The Moves team hatched an idea to build a proprietary API to collect data from every gig platform—and had just begun developing it when they discovered Argyle instead.


Today, Moves deploys Argyle at the outset of the onboarding journey, allowing customers to connect Moves directly to their gig platform accounts instead of their bank account.

In turn, Moves gets access to the mission-critical income and employment data they need to build customer profiles, pre-approve customers for cash advances, and predict future income to calculate repayment terms.

What’s more, if Moves customers have more than one income source, they connect all of them in a matter of seconds. This gives Moves a complete, shift-level understanding of customers’ gig earnings, and the confidence of knowing they are working with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Best of all, Moves has seen conversions soar since replacing Plaid with Argyle at the top of their workflow.


  • 3x conversions: Transitioning from Plaid’s open-banking flow to Argyle’s direct payroll connections has boosted Moves’ conversion rates by 300%.

  • 3x product offerings: In addition to its original cash advance app, Moves has built two new products on Argyle’s real-time data, including spending accounts and fractional stock rewards for gig workers.

  • One-click deposit switching: Argyle’s automated deposit switching solution allows gig workers to redirect payouts into a centralized Moves account, so they can manage all of their earnings and cash flow in one place.

“Argyle’s API immediately demonstrates to gig workers that this product was custom-built for them. It deeply understands the way they work, the way they earn, and the way they live. Our customers are unique—and, thanks to Argyle, we can tailor our product experiences as closely as possible to their needs.”
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