Brand and adjust Link's payroll connection process.

Creating Flows#

  1. Navigate to the Link Flows section of Console and select "+ New Flow".
  2. Name your customized Flow.
  3. Configure your desired settings and brand messaging.
  4. Select Preview to simulate how the user would experience Link with your customizations applied.
  5. Save your Flow.

You can also select and duplicate a Demo Flow, and then make additional edits.

Applying Flows#


To apply a customized Flow to email and text invites sent through Console:

  1. Navigate to the Invite template page within the Settings section of Console.
  2. Select Argyle Link in the tab menu.
  3. Choose your saved Flow from the dropdown menu.
  4. Scroll down and Save changes.

Users entering Link from invites sent going forward will now experience your selected Flow.

To apply a customized Flow to an embedded instance of Link within your website or application:

  1. Navigate to the Link Flows section of Console.
  2. Copy the ID (e.g. V32M5YBC) of the flow you want to apply.
  3. Use the ID as the value for the flow_id parameter in your Link initialization code.

Types of Flows#

Search settings#

There are three ways to configure Link that adjusts how users search for their employers and payroll providers:

  • Search: Adjust which Items are searchable in Link and the appearance of Link's home screen.
  • List: Only show Items you specify to users in Link.
  • Deep Link: Bypass search to connect users in Link directly to an Item's login screen or to the document upload flow.

UI settings#

Within Global UI Settings:

  1. Add your company name and logo.
  2. (Web only) Choose how users can close Link.

Custom messaging#

Link's default text is generalized to maximize the percentage of users that are able to successfully connect their payroll accounts in wide variety of use cases.

Feel free to adjust any text as needed to suit your use case scenario or branding requirements.

Fallback settings#

When a user can't connect a payroll account through Link, it's the result of two scenarios:

  • if no results: The user couldn't locate their source of income.
  • if login failed: The user attempted to connect an account by submitting login credentials, but was unsuccessful.

When these situations occur, the following fallback scenarios can be configured:

  1. Response form

    By default, if the user cannot find their source of income they are presented with a question form asking them to list their employer or payroll provider. Response forms can be retrieved via Console or via the API.

  2. Document upload

    Document upload allows the user to upload their income and employment documents manually. These documents are made available in Console and the API as well.

  3. Redirects

    This option redirects the user from Link to a website or other part of your application when they select "Can't find income source" during Link's search process.

    After enabling the Callback radio button for redirects, you must include the onCantFindLinkItemClicked callback in your Link initialization (which specifies where to re-direct the user).