URL invites

Invite users via text or email to connect their payroll accounts.


Invites provide an alternative way users can enter Link directly, without the need to embed Link in your website or application.

Within an invite, a customizable button with text such as "Connect your payroll account to get verified" contains a URL that directly connects the user to Link.

This URL also incorporates any invite customizations you created and applied using Console, and adjusts the user's payroll connection experience in Link accordingly. Additionally, these URL's do not expire, allowing users to return to Link at any time.

Inviting new users#

  1. Sign in to Console with an Admin, Full member, or Operations account. (See roles and permissions)

  2. From the Connections page, select Send URL invite.

  3. Choose your invite method (email, SMS, or both) and fill out the Recipient details.

    Choosing Email and SMS is recommended and generally provides the best overall response rate.

  4. (Optional) To invite multiple users at the same time, select Bulk upload and upload a CSV file (example CSV) with the users' contact information.

  5. Select Preview to review the email, landing page, Link experience, or success message of the invitation.

  6. Select Settings in the lower-right of the Preview screen to make edits to your invite customizations.

  7. Send the invitation

    • You will be notified by email when the user has connected a payroll account.
    • You can also check an invitation's status from the Invited tab within the Connections section of Console.

Reconnecting existing users#

Users may need to return to Link for few reasons:

  • As part of their payroll system's multi-factor authorization (MFA) process.
  • To re-verify a disconnected account (a one-click, no credentials needed process).
  • To connect additional accounts—the user started a new job, for example.
  • To revoke access to previously connected accounts.

Users can always return to Link through the URL of their original invite, which does not expire. You can also copy and send the user the original invite URL through Console:

  1. Navigate to the Invited tab within the Connections section of Console.
  2. Under the Actions column, hover over the paperclip icon to copy the invite URL for your desired user. Send the user the URL directly.

Customizing invites#

  1. Navigate to the Invite template tab within the Settings section of Console.
  2. Customize and save your changes to each section of the invite.
  3. Any saved changes will be applied to new invites going forward.
  4. Add Flow customizations from the dropdown menu within the Argyle Link tab: