Subscribe to event notifications through Console.

  • Visit the API Reference for a full list of available webhooks and their descriptions.
  • Visit the API Webhooks Guide to learn more about subscribing to webhooks via the API.


Webhooks notify you in real-time when important events occur, such as:

  • A new payroll connection is attempted.
  • Data retrieval from a recently connected account has completed.
  • New data was found during ongoing refresh of a previously connected account.
  • A deposit switch was successful.

Webhooks are not specific to individual accounts. The ratings.added webhook for example is sent every time a new rating is available for any connected account.

Subscribing to webhooks#

  1. Navigate to the Webhooks section of Console under Developers.

  2. Select "Create a new webhook".

  3. Fill in the following fields:

    • Name — Your name for this particular set of webhook subscriptions.

    • URL — Where you want webhooks to be sent. This can be either a backend URL that you manage, or a URL provided by a webhook management service.

      Argyle delivers webhooks from four static IP addresses:

    • Secret — (Optional) A secret word or phrase that can be used to authenticate webhooks you receive.

  4. Choose your desired set of webhooks.

    • partially_synced webhooks require you to input how many days of data must be synced during the initial data retrieval process of a newly connected account before the webhook is sent.
    • Webhooks with {} following their names, when selected individually ("Specific event(s)"), return additional account information in the webhook payload if the "include resource" box is checked (found below the list of webhooks).

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