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Console FAQ

Browse the most frequently asked Argyle Console questions.

How do I add a team member to Console?

How do I invite a user?

How do I set up a pay distribution change flow?

How do I view a user’s employment data?

How do I switch between production/sandbox environments?

How do I generate an API key?

How do I add my company name and logo?

How do I customize the Link UI?

Parameters explicitly set in the Link configuration override what is set in Link Customizer.

The Link Customizer currently does not support UI customization in the pay distribution screens — allow_editing will be added to the Customizer in the near future, and can currently be set as a parameter in the pay distribution config.

How do I manage my webhook subscriptions from Console?

Manage your existing webhooks
Edit your webhooks or create new ones easily

These interfaces provide a simple, UI-based way of interacting with webhooks. You can also use webhooks by interacting directly with the API. Visit the Webhooks reference and the Webhooks guide for more information.