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Browse the most frequently asked Argyle Console questions.

The Argyle Console is your place to understand your users' employment data and manage your Argyle implementation. Here are some frequently asked questions about the Console to get you up and running.

How do I add a team member to Console?

1. Sign in to the Argyle console with an admin account.

2. Navigate to the account settings menu.

3. Click Console members. This will open a list of all members that are currently added to the console.

3. Click the Invite member + button on the top right.

4. Fill out the pop-up with the new team member’s details and click the Invite button.

5. Your new team member will receive an email with further details on how to connect to the console.

How do I connect a user?

1. Sign in to the Argyle console with an admin account.

2. Click Users.

3. Click Connect a user to open a pop-up where you can add the new user’s details.

4. Fill out the user’s details and select if you wish for them to be verified. Click Send when their details have been added.

You can also invite multiple users by changing the invitation format at the top.

To invite multiple users, you will need to upload a CSV file with all the relevant user contact details (you can explore a reference CSV file in the Console).

5. Edit the email template text to be used in the invitation. You can insert placeholders within the text to be replaced by the following values:

  • [Company] - the company name.
  • [Name] - the person to be invited.
  • [Link]- shortened link to accept the invitation.
  • [Sender]- who is sending the email.

6. Customize the details of the landing page shown to users when they click the call-to-action button in the invitation.

7. Customize the success page shown to users after they have successfully connected an employment account.

How do I set up a pay distribution change flow?

1. During the user invite process described above, mark the Invite user to adjust their direct deposit allocations checkbox.

2. Enter the bank account details where the pay allocation will be deposited.

3. Determine if you accept pay allocations in terms of amount and/or percent by entering either one or both default values. Users will be able to change your entered default value. You can limit the range by setting min and max values. Or you can disallow the user to change the default value by repeating it for the min and max value fields (e.g. default = 50, min = 50, max = 50.

4. If you are allowing pay distribution changes in terms of both amount or percent, you can select which option will be shown first to users in Link.

5. The new user will be able to confirm the pay distribution change after they connect their account.

How do I view a user’s employment data?

1. Navigate to the Users page.

2. Click on a user.

3. Select the relevant data resource.

  • Profiles An overview of the user’s account. Here you can see Name, email, phone, and address.
  • Income Summary When Payouts data is available, a summary of the user’s income will appear here.
  • Employments Here you can view employment status, hire date, and title.
  • Activities Here you can view details around shifts worked, what dates they were worked and how much was paid.
  • Payouts Here you can view hours worked, total pay accumulated and total paid out after taxes and deductions.
  • Documents W2s, pay-slips, drivers-license and more can be found here.
  • Reputations Here you will find driver ratings and achievements
  • Vehicles Users who have a vehicle attached to their account will have information on it here.
  • Finances Here you will find accumulated finances that have not yet been paid out.
  • Pay Distributions Here you will find account and routing numbers for a user’s bank.
  • VOIE reports Verification of Income and Employment - This is where you’ll find a PDF containing key data points which are used to authenticate a user

How do I switch between production/sandbox environments?

1. Locate the Sandbox <> Production toggle.

2. Switch between environments by clicking on the toggle switch. A yellow banner will appear at the top of the page when Sandbox mode is selected.

How do I generate an API key?

1. Navigate to the API keys page. This is under the Developers section.

2. Click Generate new API keys.

3. A pop-up will display. Enter a name for the API keys and select if you want the console to generate new keys for the production or sandbox environment.

How do I add my company name and logo?

1. Navigate to the account settings menu.

2. Navigate to the Company page.

3. Click the Upload new button and then select the company logo you wish to display.

4. Click the Save changes button once the logo is uploaded.

How do I customize the Link UI?

Link Customizer controls the same Link UI customization features available via Link parameters. It makes Link UI customization much easier and faster.

1. Sign in to the Argyle Console.

2. Click Customizer in the Console side panel.

3. Click the Create new customization button.

4. You can navigate through the screens in the menu and customize them. There is a Link preview that instantly reflects the changes you make.

5. When you have completed your customizations, you can test the resulting Link experience by clicking Full flow preview.

6. Click Save to save your changes and return to the main page:

7. On the main Customizer page, you can manage all of your Link customizations. Every time you initialize Link, you can simply pass a customizationId rather than passing individual customization parameters.

It is possible to have multiple customizationId's and assign them to specific groups of users when initializing Link.

If you edit a customization that is already in use, the changes immediately propagate to all instances of Link which are using that customization.

Parameters explicitly set in the Link configuration override what is set in Link Customizer.

Currently, Link Customizer works for when Link is initialized in your app or website. In the future, it will also be possible to customize Link when inviting users via Console.

The Link Customizer currently does not support UI customization in the pay distribution screens — allow_editing and allow_add_allocation. These will be added to the Customizer in the near future, but they can currently be set as parameters in the pay distribution config.