Microdeposit Verification

Learn how to complete a microdeposit verification.


New pay allocations may be created in either pending or needs_confirmation state. A pending allocation undergoes internal verification by the payroll platform and eventually becomes active with no external action required.

Allocations in needs_confirmation state require additional input — microdeposit verification — to become active. The payroll platform transfers a random small amount of money into the bank account. That amount is the verification code. The owner of the bank account reads it off the transaction and submits it to the platform. After the correct code is submitted, the allocation becomes active.

To complete a microdeposit verification via the Argyle API, you have to:

  1. Check if a microdeposit verification is available
  2. Submit the verification value

Check if a microdesposit verification is available

The allocation that requires microdeposit verification will have a status = needs_confirmation. To find the allocation with this status, list all the allocations for an account and check their statuses:

Getting a specific pay allocation by its ID will show the list of actions available for that pay allocation. Microdeposit verification is available if that list contains deposit.

Please note that the actions field is not available when fetching multiple pay allocations at once.

Submit the verification code

Send a POST request to /v1/pay-allocations/<id>/activate endpoint

with the following body:

where <id> is the ID of the pay-allocation that requires microdeposit verification and <code> is the verification code. For example, if 7 cents were transferred, then the activation code is "0.07".