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Paycheck-linked Lending: Scoping

Plan your paycheck-linked lending integration.


Scope the user flow

Where in the process do you want to leverage Argyle?

Which users do you want to route through Argyle?

All users through Argyle

Argyle has coverage and the users successfully connect their employer accounts.
Argyle does not have coverage and the user is funnelled back to your application.

Argyle for covered companies only

Constraining the Link item list

Verify income and employment (VOIE)

This section is relevant to you if you are using Argyle's Employment data. Otherwise, you can skip to paycheck linking.

How to on-ramp users?

How to off-ramp users?

Make a loan decision

Scope the required data

Data retrieval times

Paycheck linking

How to on-ramp users?

How to off-ramp users?

How can users manage their paycheck-linked allocations?

Next Steps