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Streamlined Employment Verifications

Employees work directly with Argyle to verify their own employment, saving your HR team time and money.

How it works

Invite your employees to self verify their income and employment.

Invite employees to Argyle

Invite employees to Argyle

Direct employees to argyle.com/verify/employee to start the verification process
Employees connect their work account

Employees connect their work account

Employees select their employer or payroll provider, and connect their account
Report is generated

Report is generated

A verification report is generated and sent directly to the requesting party


What is Argyle?

Argyle is a third-party verification service that allows employees to securely share their income and employment information with lenders, background check companies, property managers or any other party who requests it.

How do I use Argyle as an employer?

Employers can use Argyle to save time and remain compliant while outsourcing employment verifications by directing your workers to generate employment verification reports here.

Is my company eligible for free employment verifications?

Argyle’s coverageincludes over 75% of US employees, and any covered employee is eligible for a free verification report.

How does Argyle transfer employee data?

Argyle acts as a data transfer agenton behalf of the user, accessing only the data and functionality that an individual worker can access his/herself.

We employ a secure login channel between the user’s local application and the employer’s database. Data is delivered over HTTPS and processed using AES-256 encryption. Learn more about our security and commitment to data privacy here.

How can I ensure my company is included in Argyle’s coverage?

Argyle partners with employers, payroll providers and gig platforms via OAuth integration to provide granular visibility into traffic and system access. Contact usto join the network and streamline your employment verifications.

How do I use Argyle as an employee?

Employees can generate verification reports and send them to any party of their choosing. Clickhereto learn more about Argyle for employees.