Email/SMS Templates

Invite users via text or email to connect their payroll accounts.


Invites let users enter Link directly from an email or SMS message, without the need to embed Link in your website or application.

  • Invites are sent from the Connections section of Console.
  • Email/SMS templates are customizations that can be applied to invites.
  • Multiple email/SMS templates can be created, each with their own customized email and/or text messaging, landing page, Link connection experience, and success page.

Creating email/SMS templates#

To create an email/SMS template:

  1. Sign in to Console with an Admin, Full member, or Developer account. (See roles and permissions)
  2. Navigate to the Flows section of Console.
  3. Click + New Flow then select Email/SMS Template.
  4. Add customizations, name your Email/SMS Template, and save.
  5. Saved templates can be selected from the Template dropdown when sending invites.

In Console, you can filter your Connections and the Conversion section of the Dashboard by individual Flow.

Sending invites#

Inviting new users#

  1. Sign in to Console with an Admin, Full member, or Operations account. (See roles and permissions)

  2. From the Connections page, select Send invite.

  3. Choose your invite method (email, SMS, or both) and fill out the Recipient details.

    Choosing Email and SMS is recommended and generally provides the best overall response rate.

  4. (Optional) Select a saved Email/SMS Template from the dropdown to apply your customized Link settings.

  5. (Optional) To invite multiple users at the same time, select Bulk upload and upload a CSV file (example CSV) with the users' contact information.

  6. (Optional) Tag the invited user with an external identifier.

  7. (Optional) Cc additional members of your team to be notified by email when the user has connected a payroll account.

    If no Email/SMS Template is selected, the default invite experience will be used. If only one Email/SMS Template has been created, it will automatically be applied to sent invites.

  8. Select Preview to review the email, landing page, Link experience, or success message of the invitation.

  9. Send the invitation

    • You will be notified by email when the user has connected a payroll account.
    • You can filter sent invitations by status, income source, flow, or sender as well as search for specific external identifiers from the Connections section of Console.

Automated reminders#

In Console Settings, you can configure automated reminders for invites:

  • Sent to the user when an invite remains unopened after a configured number of days.
  • Sent via the original invite method (email, SMS, or both).
  • Applied to all new invites sent after the setting is enabled in Console.

Only one reminder will be sent to invited users.

Reconnecting existing users#

Users may need to return to Link for few reasons:

  • As part of their payroll system's multi-factor authorization (MFA) process.
  • To re-verify a disconnected account (a one-click, no credentials needed process).
  • To connect additional accounts—the user started a new job, for example.
  • To revoke access to previously connected accounts.

Users can return to Link (and access their existing accounts) at any time through the original invite they received. Invites never expire. If the user has lost their original invite, a copy invite can be resent via the API or Console using these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Connections section of Console.
  2. Hover over the user to reveal:
    • A Resend icon, allowing you resend an invite to the user with one click.
    • A Sent by tag, which can be clicked to copy a unique URL that you can send directly to the user.

After receiving the resent invite or unique URL, the user will be able to access and if needed, reconnect their previously connected accounts.



  • Add your company name, logo, and an accent color for the landing and success page.

Document upload settings#

When document uploads are enabled for either the intro screen, search and connect screen, and/or the success screen:

  • Customize the text of the document upload submission screen.
  • Select the document upload categories you would like to display. Choose whether a selected category is optional or required. If required, specify how many documents are needed for the category.
  • The "Miscellaneous" category can be re-named.


  • Customize the text and icons of your email and/or SMS message.

Landing page#

  • Customize the text of the landing page.

Intro screen

  • Enable, brand, and customize Link's optional introduction screen.
  • Optionally enable document uploads from the introduction screen.

Search and connect:

  • Adjust Link's default text.

    Link's default text is generalized to maximize the percentage of users that are able to successfully connect their payroll accounts in wide variety of use cases, but can be adjusted as needed to suit your use case or branding requirements.

  • Adjust Link's payroll connection process:

    • Search: Users can search for their employer or payroll provider. You can adjust which types of Items are shown and the appearance of Link's home screen.
    • List: Only show Items you specify to users in Link.
    • Direct login: Directly connect users to a specific Item.
    • Doc upload: Let users upload employment documents directly from their device.

  • Omit individual Items from Link search, or specific types of Items based on their support for deposit switching or mapping status.

  • Fallback experiences: Choose what users are shown after submitting invalid credentials or if they are unable to find their employer/payroll provider:

    • Form: Present users with a question form asking them to list their employer or payroll provider. Forms can be retrieved via Console or via the API.
    • Document upload: Let users upload employment documents directly from their device. Uploaded documents can be retrieved via Console or via the API.
    • Callback: Closes Link and triggers the onCantFindItemClicked callback.

Success screen:

  • Adjust the text shown after a user successfully connects a payroll account.
  • Allow users to connect additional (more than one) payroll account.
  • Allow users to upload documents after a successful connection.

Success page#

  • Customize the text shown to users after they exit Link.
  • Add an exit button and (optionally) redirect users back to your website or application.
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