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Pay Distribution


Securely access your user's personal data such as full name, email address, phone number, birth date, address, and profile picture with their consent. Compare this data across work platforms to spot inconsistencies. Use this data to auto-populate profiles or verify identity.

User experience

Connect your users’ employment accounts by integrating Argyle Link into your app.

Your user selects an employer or payroll platform.

User experience

Connect your users’ employment accounts by integrating Argyle Link into your app.

Your App

Prompt users to share their work data within your app.

“Businesses are using Argyle to access their consumer’s workforce data to better verify income and employment, monitor cash-on-hand, and assess credibility to purchase products and services.”


Explore the different ways you can use Argyle to access employment records.

A lightweight Argyle module in your app that allows connectivity.

The simplest way to change selected fields in a user’s work account.

Integrate your employment platform directly into Argyle Data Network.

View user data right inside Argyle Console with zero code needed.



View and download anything from your users work accounts.

Invite applicants to verify their work and income and get a verification document.

Built for developers

Available for everyone

Argyle is a developer-first platform. We bring together disparate systems and put you in control via a simple integration in just 10 lines of code.


<!-- argyle link -->

<script type="text/javascript">
  const argyle = Argyle.create({
    apiHost: 'https://api-sandbox.argyle.io/v1',
    pluginKey: 'your_plugin_key'

Compliance and security at its core

Argyle is built with global compliance, security and legal standards that both Fortune 500 companies and startups can rely on.

Regulatory Frameworks

Regulation is an asset, not a barrier. That is why Argyle is currently undergoing SOC2, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, GDPR, and CCPA audits. Argyle is committed to maintaining and achieves the highest levels of security standards.

Encryption Standards

Powered by Google KMS, Argyle keeps all data encrypted at RSA 4096 (the same encryption grade used by the military) with SHA-256 signing. All data is encrypted at rest and stored using kubeseal secret management services.

Commitment to Privacy

Argyle is a designated Data Transfer Agent. As such, Argyle acts solely on behalf of the end-user and does not aggregate, resell or re-use their private data under any circumstance.

One platform, Many verticals

Gain visibility into your user's income and employment records