Data transparency for the gig economy

Gear your financial product to gig workers with use cases like income verification, deposit switching, and underwriting

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login attempts succeed. Users connect to their gig accounts via Argyle most of the time.


of gig workers get paid via debit cards. Increase conversion with seamless debit card payout switching.


US workers are 1099. Grow your client base by tapping into the fastest-growing segment of the workforce.

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With Argyle, workers connect their real-time payroll records directly to your website or app. You reverify as many times as you need from a single touchpoint.

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  • Full earnings visibility. By accessing gig platforms directly, Argyle catches the cash flow data other providers miss.

  • Multiple income streams. View conventional and contract income side by side, for a more holistic view of earnings.

  • Approve more gig workers for credit. Assess risk more accurately with comprehensive gig economy income data.

  • Automated onboardings. Eliminate the need for uploads, manual data inputs, and reviews.

  • Expanded market opportunities. Enrich your traditional W-2 customer base with 1099 earners of all kinds.

  • World’s best gig coverage. Argyle covers entire demographics that credit bureau reports can’t reach.

How gig service providers use Argyle

Gain transparency into your workers' finances and build new customized experiences.

“Argyle is our sole engine for the first layer of approval toward a cash advance. It’s our primary indicator for making decisions.”

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