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Automate employment verifications to dramatically lower costs and shorten turnaround times

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US workforce covered. Confidently expand automated employment verifications to more applicants.


Lower verification costs. Dramatically decrease costs compared to Equifax’s The Work Number and manual workflows.


Turnaround time. Offer near-instant verifications with all of the employment data you and your clients need.

Streamlined screenings that drive efficiency—and opportunity

With Argyle, applicants can share their employment data with you in real time—directly from the source—for accurate employment history and identity verification.

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  • Reduce time to verification. Automate employment verification to get to fulfillment faster.

  • Cut operational overhead. Streamlined processes and fewer manual workflows add up to big savings.

  • Reliable data quality and availability. Access comprehansive employment data in addition to identity information.

  • Maintain applicant confidentiality. Direct-source data means current and past employers are not notified of the verification.

  • Recapture lost market share. Re-convert employers who have stopped participating in verifications due to cost concerns.

How background check providers use Argyle

In a few easy steps, the applicants you’re screening share their current employment record without ever leaving your website or app:

“We are always looking to push the boundaries of what’s possible for faster, fairer background checks. In this sense, Argyle is critical to our infrastructure...”

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