Ongoing Refresh

Real-time updates, as soon as new payroll data is available.

Continuous access#

Argyle continuously retrieves any new data that is added to a user's payroll account, giving you continuous real-time data updates as soon as new information such as paystubs or payroll documents becomes available.

  • Similarly to how bank account connections with third party apps need to be refreshed periodically, some payroll systems require users to re-authenticate their connections from time to time. Argyle makes reconnections a simple one-click process that does not require re-entering login credentials.

  • Argyle's platform keeps every payroll connection alive for as long as the associated payroll system allows. In most cases, once a user connects a payroll account, the connection stays alive indefinitely.

Refresh frequency#

Argyle varies how often an account's data is refreshed depending on the frequency and in what order new data is added to the underlying payroll system. This allows Argyle to adhere as closely as possible to providing an accurate live data feed of the user's payroll data.

Typically an account's data is refreshed once a day. The exact frequency, rounded up to the nearest hour, can be found:

Monitoring for new data#

Argyle uses webhooks to notify you automatically when new data becomes available. We recommend subscribing to the accounts.updated webhook, which is sent after each data refresh.

Simulating a data refresh#

You can simulate in the Sandbox testing environment new data being added to a payroll account after a data refresh. Visit our Sandbox Testing Guide for more information.

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