Sandbox Testing

Retrieve sample data and simulate errors in the Sandbox environment.

Connect sample users#

To begin testing with sample data, connect sample users using the login credentials below through either:

  • Flows in Console (make sure Console's Sandbox mode toggle is enabled) after selecting a demo or custom Flow.
  • Embedded Link, with the sandbox parameter set to true in your Link initialization.
Verification code808180828083
Phone number(800) 900-0010(800) 900-0020(800) 900-0030
Driver's license #D1230010D1230020D1230030

Sample users are deleted after 60 days.

Retrieve sample data#


With the Sandbox mode toggle in Console enabled, navigate to the Connections section of Console and select an individual sample user to view sample data.


Authorize requests using your Sandbox API key and secret, which can be found or created in the Developers section of Console, and make requests using the Sandbox environment's base URL.

Simulate a data refresh#

To simulate new data being added after an account's data is refreshed:

  1. Send a POST request with an empty body to{acc-id}/periodic-scan
  2. Replace the {acc-id} path variable with the account ID of an already-connected sample user.

If successful, the request returns an empty object and 1-5 new paystubs and gig events are added to the sample account.

Simulated data refreshes are often used for webhook testing.

Simulate errors in Console#

  1. Navigate to Flows when Console is in Sandbox mode.
  2. Select a demo Flow, and the option to "Simulate an error" will appear next to the sample user's test email.
  3. Choose an error, and "Click to copy" the special test password. Use this password when connecting a payroll account for the sample user to simulate the error.

Simulate errors via the API#

  1. Send a POST request to, and include a JSON object in the request body specific to the error type:

    • Account connection errors occur immediately after submitting sample user login credentials.
    • The invalid_mfa error can be tested by entering an incorrect code, and mfa_timeout will occur after ten minutes.
    • For the auth_required error, switch to the Disconnection errors tab.
    2    "failure": {
    3        "fail_on": "connection",     
    4        "error": "<Name of the Error>" // Any account connection error.
    5    }
  2. Once the POST request is sent, you will receive a test_password in the response:

    1// *Example value
    3    "test_password": "eyJmYWlsdXJlIjogeyJmYWlsX29uIjogImNvbm5lY3Rpb24iLCAiZXJyb3IiOiAiYWNjb3VudF9kaXNhYmxlZCJ9fQ=="
  3. Use this test_password as the password login credential when connecting a sample user to trigger the error.

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