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Verify Your Employment and Income

In a few clicks, share your verified employment information with a lender, landlord, or background check company.

How it works

Generate a verified PDF document by connecting to your employer.

Find your employer, payroll provider or gig platform

Find your employer, payroll provider or gig platform

Click your employer’s name to proceed.
Connect your account

Connect your account

It only takes a minute to connect your employment account.
Review and share your verification report

Review and share your verification report

Argyle generates an employment and income verification report that is sent to your requesting party.


What is Argyle?

Argyle is a third-party verification service that allows anyone to securely share their income, job title, and proof of employment information with lenders, background check companies, human resources, or any other party you choose.

How do I use Argyle as an employee?

Click to check your eligibility and complete your employment verification request. You can instantly share the verification report with anyone you choose.

Who will receive my employment information?

Argyle only shares income and employment history on your behalf, and upon your request. We will never share your data unless you direct us to, and you can preview a sample report below.

Is employment verification with Argyle free?

Yes. Any one whose employer is in our network is eligible for free employment verifications.

Will my employer be notified that I’m using Argyle?

It’s up to you! We recommend you include their contact information so we can make it easier for your co-workers to use our free service in the future.

Who can use Argyle?

Argyle’s coverage includes over 75% of US employees, and anyone covered is eligible for a free verification report. If you are looking to verify your income and employment information,

How do I use Argyle as an employer?

Click hereto learn more about Argyle for employers.

How is Argyle different than The Work Number?

At Argyle, we recognize that employment data is owned by the individual it represents. We’re making it easier, faster, better, smarter for innovative companies to put employment data to work, enabling access to products and services that improve lives.

What will my report look like?

Click to preview a sample report.

When will my report be sent?

In most cases, reports are sent within seconds. However, some reports may take up to several hours to generate and share.


Share your verified employment information with any requesting party.