Ecosystem Partnerships
Justin Stolzenberg

Justin Stolzenberg


Implement Argyle at No Cost as an Ecosystem Partner

We’ve been vetted by the best to support growing fintechs

When you are considering a new product or service, isn’t it amazing to have a referral from a trusted friend to narrow down your search? Knowing that someone has already reviewed and approved of something can save you time and money in making a decision and moving forward with a solution.

That’s why Argyle is proud to share the world-class ecosystems that have reviewed our income and employment data platform and agree that we are offering a best in business solution worth highlighting to their members.

We’ve partnered with YCombinator, FinTech Sandbox, and Techstars to offer 1,000 free account activations to their startups.

With the free account connections, startups can begin implementing Argyle at no cost and start paying for the service only after deriving value from our product. If you are a member of these communities, reach out to [email protected] to learn more about exclusive member offers and what sets Argyle apart as an income data platform.

“Fintechs need quality data to build and scale their businesses in today’s competitive fintech landscape and Argyle is a true partner to make this happen,” said Kelly Fryer, Executive Director of FinTech Sandbox, a nonprofit that gives a leg-up to early-stage fintech startups by providing free access to critical datasets and resources. “Its premier income and employment data platform adds rich, robust datasets and a seamless data delivery to fintech products across personal finance, digital banking, credit, and more. We are grateful for Argyle’s generous support of entrepreneurs in our Data Access Residency.”

Other ecosystems Argyle is pleased to be a part of include:

What sets Argyle apart

The data Argyle retrieves is more comprehensive and more actionable than the competition. No other solution offers the same granularity of data, read-and-write access, and continuous data refresh technology financial service providers need to deliver innovation and remain vital in a changing world.

Financial service providers rely on Argyle to power digital experiences that maximize efficiencies, lower costs, and reduce friction across the customer journey. By offering holistic visibility into consumers’ past, present, and future earnings, Argyle makes it possible to:

  • Automate essential functions

  • Issue better, fairer, and faster decisions

  • Unlock opportunities to extend, scale, and grow

Want to see what continuous, comprehensive income data can unlock for your business? Reach out to [email protected] to learn more.