Shmulik Fishman

Shmulik Fishman


Argyle Link 1.5

Argyle Link acts as the interface between our client’s customers, our client’s application, and the Argyle Data Network of connected companies. Today we introduce Link 1.5.

What is Argyle Link

Argyle Link is an interface that allows our clients to connect their customers’ work account to their apps. Customers interact with Link for less than 20 seconds on average. It is deployed in multiple environments (iOS, Android, and Web) and used by a diverse client set from gig economy providers, ATS systems and job boards, insurance underwriters, loan and mortgage underwriters, to banks and credit card issuers.

As a result, we want to ensure Argyle Link is highly customizable, can be pulled apart, and will work for any use case. Link 1.5 makes a big leap forward in this effort. This article details the new features released in Link 1.5. If you are a current client you can use this article as a resource for upgrading; if you are a prospective client you can use this as a shopping menu.

Intro Screen

If you wish to have your customers land on an intro screen that provides more context for the authentication process ahead, you can activate this optional screen through the showIntroScreen parameter. Your company name will automatically populate and can be changed by the information provided within our console instance.

Companies & Platforms Toggle

For clients that wish to provide a list of both companies and platforms that customers can connect to we now have this on by default with an option to disable platforms tab using the showPlatformsToggle parameter. You can choose to show both or either - fully up to you but we do have our viewpoint on this.

You can choose to show both or either - fully up to you but we do have our viewpoint on this.You can continue to manage these menus through the dataPartners parameter.

Menu Limiting

There are over 7.8 million companies in the United States alone that pay people. Given that, we have decided to limit the list of pre-populated menu items to 15 and then allow the customer to search for their company or platform. This helps with loading times and provides are more streamlined experience.

Login Screen Disclosures

Link will now display more context into what a customer is consenting into at the bottom of a login screen. This text will pre-populate based on the permissions enabled in your console instance.

Additionally, we have added a tooltip for customers who might not remember their password or be confused about what system they are accessing. This helps out for a company like amazon who has four different worker classifications (flex, logistics, warehouse & corporate).

You can continue to direct customers directly to an employer login screen (and bypass both the welcome and menu screens) by using the dataPartners parameter.

If you’re using Link on the Web this update will be automatic. If you are using iOS, Android or React SDK version of Link we recommend that you update your app to use Link 1.5 as this functionally will only be available in Link 1.5.

Link 1.5 will be released on July 30th 2020; we plan to deprecate old versions of Link by the end of Q3 2020.

We have also made numerous fixes, updates, and improvements under the hood to speed up the account authentication process, reduce error rates, and provide a more delightful customer experience with small animations. If you have any questions, ideas, or feedback we welcome them at [email protected].

Please review Argyle Link’s documentation for a full list of customizations provided.