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Drill Down on Data Coverage With Argyle’s New, Market-Leading Feature

We’ve made it easy to explore the data sources and data points we provide access to.

Most employment data providers make big promises when it comes to their coverage. And just as many are hesitant to offer any additional visibility into the breadth or depth of their coverage, beyond high level percentages.
At Argyle, we’re just the opposite.
As a company committed to radical transparency, we don’t wait for you to ask for more information, we proactively provide it upfront and in full, so you can make the best-informed decisions for your business. Case in point: our new, browsable coverage database, available through Argyle Console

The ins and outs of our latest feature

Now, when you log in to Console (sign up for your sandbox account here), you can view all of the data sources Argyle is integrated with (i.e., payroll providers, employers and gig platforms). But more than that, you can drill down for granular information by data source, giving you a more holistic and comprehensive understanding of the read and write access we offer.
Specifically, you’ll be able to see:
  • The whole list of supported payroll providers, employers and gig platforms. Scroll and search as you please.
  • What data points each data source makes available—listed in Console as “field availability”—so you can be sure that our coverage meets the data requirements of your particular product, service, or workflow. 
  • Support for Pay Distribution Update—that is, whether or not a data source allows Argyle to change the destination of paychecks for loan repayment or account funding purposes.
  • Any known limitations to the information a data source makes available. Lyft, for example, only provides the last two years of drivers' Payouts data. For many Argyle customers, that’s important information to know in advance.
  • The status of our connection to any individual data source, updated in real time (to ensure that we are being fully transparent about when certain systems might be down)

Why it matters

Most importantly, coverage transparency enables you to build the best possible products. Without an in-depth understanding of the data you’ll have access to, you can’t properly ideate on what you can do with that data. 
With the abundance of coverage information Argyle offers, you have the visibility you need to push the boundaries of what’s possible. In turn, your users reap the benefits of your innovative products and services, and your business thrives.

We hear you 

The impetus for building a coverage database was listening to our customers tell us what they need in order to be successful. As long as Argyle has existed, you have asked us in-depth questions about what data you will get through our infrastructure. And while we have always done our best to answer your questions in a meaningful way, we didn’t always have a way to proactively put the information in your hands.  
Now, you can rest assured that you are always privy to the most reliable coverage information we can provide. But we won’t stop here. When it comes to radical transparency—we’re just getting started. 

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